Double Bevel, Double Battery, 36V, Brushless Mitre Saw

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Equipped with a dual bevel that offers an extensive range of +/- 48 degrees, guaranteeing the utmost precision in bevel cuts. Effortlessly rotate the mitre table up to 50 degrees in both left and right directions, and seamlessly combine bevel and mitre positions to craft intricate and precise compound cuts. Perfect for crown moulding, trim work, and metal fabrication and a world of creative projects.

M = Mitre | BL = Bevel Left | BR = Bevel Right

Evolution 5Ah Batteries

Up to
cuts per charge!*
60 mins to full charge.

Evolution 8Ah Batteries

Up to
cuts per charge!*
90 mins to full charge.

Experience uninterrupted productivity provided by a brushless motor, powered by EXT and cutting-edge Keep-Cool-Battery Technology. This dynamic duo ensures you stay in the zone, working tirelessly throughout the day without the hassle of frequent recharges.
* Cuts in 4x2 CLS timber. Evolution internal test data.

How We Compare

Weighing just 16.6kg without any additional attachments, the R255SMS-DBLi stands out as the market's most lightweight cordless 255mm double bevel sliding miter saw. Our engineering team has meticulously designed this tool to maintain its strength while minimising weight, ensuring effortless portability from one job to the next. Crafted with a durable die-cast aluminium base, it also boasts table extensions equipped with convenient lifting points for added functionality. * Based on our internal research, the information provided April 2023.

Evolution R255SMS-DB-Li
255mm Double Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw
Dewalt DCS727N-XJ
250mm Double Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw
Makita DLS110Z
255mm Double Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw
Milwaukee FMS254-0
255mm Double Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw

Manufacturers Guarantee

3 Years
1 Year-2
1 Year-2
3 Years0


20.8kg 9.3kg heavier
27.3kg 2.8kg heavier
20kg 2kg heavier

Price Bare

RRP £449.99 Inc VAT
RRP £789.99 £340 more Inc VAT at www.screwfix.com on on 30-10-23
RRP £599.99 £150 more Inc VAT at www.screwfix.com on on 30-10-23
RRP £599.99 £150 more Inc VAT at www.bigredpowertools.co.uk on 30-10-23

Price Loaded

RRP £649.99 Inc VAT (2x 5Ah Batteries & Dual Port Charger)
RRP £999.98 £350 more Inc VAT (2x 6Ah Batteries & Single Port Charger) at www.its.com on on 30-10-23
RRP £869.96 £70 more Inc VAT (2x 5Ah Batteries & Dual Port Charger) at www.screwfix.com on on 30-10-23
RRP £719.00 £220 more Inc VAT (2x 5Ah Battery & Single Port Charger) at www.bigredpowertools.co.uk on 30-10-23

Multi-Material Cutting



255mm Blade Size
255mm Blade Size
250mm Blade Size
254mm Blade Size
8ah 36v (2x 8Ah) Max. Battery
4ah 54v (2x 8Ah) Max. Battery
6ah 36v (1x 12Ah) Max. Battery
12ah 18v (1x 12Ah)Max. Battery
+/- 48° Max. Bevel
+/- 49° Max. Bevel
+/- 48° Max. Bevel
+/- 48° Max. Bevel
305mm x 90mm Cross Cut
305mm x 77mm Cross Cut
310mm x 68mm Cross Cut
289mm x 91mm Cross Cut
215mm x 90mm Max. Mitre Cut
210mm x 77mm Max. Mitre Cut
218mm x 68mm Max. Mitre Cut
205mm x 91mm Max. Mitre Cut
305mm x 52mm Max. Bevel Cut
305mm x 50mm Max. Bevel Cut
310mm x 42mm Max. Bevel Cut
289mm x 51mm Max. Bevel Cut
215mm x 52mm Max. Compound Cut
210mm x 50mm Max. Compound Cut
218mm x 42mm Max. Compound Cut
205mm x 51mm Max. Compound Cut

Brushless, dual battery system.
Extend your runtime with 36V of power.

This innovative technology ensures that your equipment operates at peak performance, providing the sustained energy to tackle even the most demanding tasks. Extended usage periods, minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

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Mitre Saw Stand
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XL Rolling Mitre Saw Stand
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Feature walk-through with DK
Features, Specifications & Cutting Capabilities

Designed & engineered in the UK

Designed in the "Steel City" of Sheffield, UK, each tool reflects a dedication to precision engineering, innovation, and a passion for empowering craftsmen worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to quality, Evolution sets the standard for performance, accuracy and reliability.

R255SMS-DB-Li: The Ultimate Job Site Saw
Cordless and capable of cutting anywhere, the lightweight R255SMS-DB-Li is the ultimate job site saw, offering portability, power, and reliability. This versatile tool allows you to tackle a wide range of cutting tasks with ease.

Mitre Saw Stand Compatible
Designed with compatibility in mind, the R255SMS-DB-Li is suitable for use with both our standard and Heavy Duty Mitre Saw Stands. This feature enhances jobsite versatility and portability, ensuring you have the flexibility and convenience you need for your work.

Efficient Dust Extraction for a Cleaner Workspace
Experience faster clean-up with the improved dust collection capabilities of the R255SMS-DB-Li. When used in conjunction with the Evolution R15VAC, it's capable of capturing up to 97% of sawdust by weight, keeping your workspace cleaner and more efficient.

Precision Cuts with Shadow-Line Technology
Say goodbye to measuring twice with the Shadow-Line Cut Guide on the R255SMS-DB-Li. This built-in LED guide, following the width of the blade's kerf, ensures precise tracking of the blade at all angles, guaranteeing the utmost accuracy for your bevel and mitre cuts. Now you can confidently measure once and cut once, saving time and reducing the margin for error in your projects.

36V Brushless DC Motor
Featuring a compact, powerful, and reliable Brushless DC Motor, the R255SMS-DB-Li is equipped with our EVO36 brushless motor, which outperforms larger and heavier brushed motors. This high-performance motor delivers increased torque and extended run times per charge, ensuring that you can tackle demanding tasks with efficiency and confidence.

Zero Clearance Insert for Precision Cuts
Enhance the quality of your cuts with the zero clearance insert included with the R255SMS-DB-Li. This feature allows you to make the thinnest possible cuts, reducing tear-out and delivering finish-quality cuts that you'll be proud to showcase in your projects.

Efficient Battery Management for Maximum Productivity
Equipped with two batteries and a dual-port charger, the R255SMS-DB-Li offers enhanced convenience. This dual-port rapid charger can charge two batteries simultaneously, reducing the time spent on charging and allowing you to maximise your productivity by spending more time on your work and less on recharging.

Precision Etched Stainless Steel Mitre Guide
Enhance your cut accuracy with ease thanks to the precision etched stainless steel mitre guide on the R255SMS-DB-Li. It features convenient positive stops and a detent override lever, ensuring flexible and effortless mitre angle adjustments.

Revolutionize Steel Cutting: No Heat, No Burrs, & Virtually No Sparks
Slice through ferrous metals like mild steel and non-ferrous metals. Our unique Multi-material technology delivers, cool, clean, burr free cuts straight off the saw that are ready to assemble without the need for cleaning or other post processing. It’s the quickest and easiest way to cut a variety of metal.

130mm x 20mm Vertical Cut
Unlock vertical cutting versatility with the R255SMS-DB-Li, allowing you to expand your cut depth. This feature is ideal for achieving precise mitre cuts in various materials such as skirting boards, decking, mild steel plate, and more.

Mastering Trench Cuts: Precision Through User-Friendly Depth Control
Trench cuts are commonly used in various applications, where precise and controlled cuts are essential. The user-friendly depth adjustment feature ensures that the depth of the cut can be finely tuned to match the specific requirements of the task. This precision is crucial for achieving clean and accurate trench cuts, minimising the need for rework or adjustments.

Elevated Dust Control: 25% Improved Collection Efficiency
Our newly revamped dust extraction port, accompanied by a dust skirt, now boasts a remarkable 25% increase in dust collection efficiency*. Plus, a dust bag is included for your convenience. (*Based on Evolution's in-house testing).

Instant Activation and Enhanced Safety: Handle-Integrated Trigger Switch
Once the batteries are connected, your saw is instantly ready for action. That's why we've integrated a trigger switch right into the handle, enhancing control and promoting a safer work environment.

Quick-Release Clamping
Included for your convenience are a quick-release top clamp and a redesigned quick-release front clamp, designed to securely hold even the most challenging workpieces, ensuring heightened precision. These clamps are particularly effective when working with round materials.

Unleash the Power: Seamless Integration with Evolution's 18V Cordless Tool Range
Furnished with two powerful EXT 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, the R255SMS-DB-Li seamlessly integrates with the complete Evolution lineup of 18V cordless tools, providing a versatile and harmonious power source for your toolbox.

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Compare Evolution 255mm sliding mitre saws

Each designed in the UK, the cordless double bevel mitre saw offers versatility with a multi-material capability, 36V motor voltage, and a loaded configuration featuring 2x 5Ah batteries and a dual-port fast charger. Its impressive bevel and mitre angles, coupled with market leading cutting dimensions, make it a formidable tool for a variety of applications.

Cordless   Corded  
Cordless, Sliding Compound Mitre Saw with Multi-Material Cutting Blade Included
Corded, Sliding Compound Mitre Saw with Multi-Material Cutting Blade Included
Corded, Sliding Compound Mitre Saw with Multi-Material Cutting Blade Included
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Power Loaded
(With 2x 5Ah Batteries
& Dual Port Charger)
(Without Batteries & Charger)
4m Cable 3m Cable
Bevel Type Double Bevel Double Bevel Single Bevel
Max. Bevel 48˚ - 48˚ 45° - 45° 45°
Max. Mitre 50° - 50° 50° - 50° 50° - 50°
Motor 850W (36V) 2,000W (230v) 1,600W (110V) 2,000W (230v) 1,600W (110V)
Speed No Load 3,000 RPM 2,600 RPM 2,500 RPM
Product Weight 18 kg 16.6 kg 18.2 kg 15.3 kg
Cutting Capacities
Max. Cross Cut (0° x 0°) 305mm x 90mm 300mm x 90mm 300mm x 80mm
Max. Bevel Cut Left (0° x 45°) 305mm x 52mm 300mm x 52mm 300mm x 45mm
Max. Bevel Cut Right (0° x 45°) 305mm x 33mm 300mm x 34mm -
Max. Mitre Cut (45° x 0°) 215mm x 90mm 212mm x 90mm 210mm x 80mm
Max. Compound Cut Left (45° x 45°) 215mm x 52mm 212mm x 52mm 210mm x 45mm
Max. Compound Cut Right (45° x 45°) 215mm x 33mm 212mm x 34mm -
Mild Steel Plate (Max. Thickness) 6mm 6mm 6mm
Mild Steel Box Section (Max. Wall Thickness) 3mm 3mm 3mm
Items Included
255mm, 28 Tooth, TCT Blade
Dust Port Adaptor
Dust Collection Bag
3pc Top Clamp
3pc Front Clamp
Double Ended Hex Key (M6 & M4)
Zero Clearance Insert
2x 5Ah Battery
Dual Port Charger
Blade Specifications
Blade Dia. 255mm 255mm
No. of Teeth 28 28
Bore Ø 25.4mm / 1 in. 25.4mm / 1 in.
Kerf 2mm 2mm
Max. Speed 4,500 RPM 4,500 RPM




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