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Disc Cutters Concrete Saws

Evolution Electric Disc Cutters are designed for the modern working professional and DIY hero. Replacing noisy and dirty petrol-powered concrete saws, giving you a lower maintenance, more environmentally friendly alternative with greatly reduced running costs.  

If you opt for our Premium Diamond Tipped Blades, look forward to slashing your ...

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Evolution R300DCT+ 300mm Electric Disc Cutter With Water Dust Suppression

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Questions and Answers

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What is an Electric Disc Cutter?

Evolution’s Electric Disc Cutters are electrically powered concrete saw that use no oil or petrol, emit no noxious exhaust fumes and start up instantly at the press of a button. They offer a cleaner cutting solution than much more expensive petrol-powered saws and are ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor masonry cutting tasks.

What’s the difference between electric and petrol powered disc cutters?

Electric disc cutters are usually lighter, more compact and easier to handle than petrol ones, making them a better choice for general work and projects that require more precision. They also produce less noise and emissions than petrol disc cutters, making them more environmentally friendly. Electric disc cutters also provide instant torque at all times and don’t require revving up to start a cut. 

Petrol powered disc cutters use a fuel and oil mix that requires mixing before use, they produce more noise, exhaust fumes and are usually heavier and larger that electric disc cutters. They do provide the ability to be used in places where there is no power and the largest petrol models can provide more power than their electric counterparts. 

The choice between electric or petrol power will come down to many factors such as power, cost, weight, ease of use and the type and size of job. 

I have the old 305mm Disc Cutter how different are Evolution’s new Disc Cutters

They are completely new, ground-up designs, new motors, drivetrains, casings and blades. They offer the same ease of use, environmentally friendly electric power and great value for money as the older models but incorporate everything we learnt from designing and supporting those older designs in the market for the past 10 years. 

How effective is the Dust Extraction port on the blade cover?

With the blade guard in the optimum position angled to cover as much of the exposed upper side of the blade as possible, the dust extraction port can be very effective with a good quality vacuum. The deeper the cut the more effective it is.  

What is water dust suppression?

Water dust suppression is the use of a fine continuous spray of water, directed onto the cutting surface of the blade, during operation of the saw that damps down the dust usually created by the cutting action of the blade. This is very effective is eliminating dust creation, helping to keep the workplace clean and safe and is mandated on most large construction sites.

Can I use water dust suppression and dust extraction at the same time?

Absolutely yes, you can use dust extraction and water suppression simultaneously, with our R15VAC Wet N Dry vacuum and other similar systems you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Which Disc cutters feature water dust suppression?

Evolution’s R300DCT+ Electric Disc Cutter includes built-in, dual sided, water-controlled dust suppression. This saw can use either a hosepipe or pressurized water bottle feedand features durable solid brass water connections.

What are the differences between the Premium and General-purpose Diamond Blades?

The premium and General-purpose diamond blades differ in the quantity of diamond that is used in their cutting surfaces. Both blades are designed for cutting a wide range of masonry materials, the Premium Blades contain 30% more diamond, this allows them to cut faster, last longer and be more suitable for harder materials, engineering bricks, higher quartz content stone etc.

Which voltage should I choose?

For home and DIY use the 230V version which uses a standard UK mains plug is the right choice; if you are plugging it into a wall socket, choose the 230v version.  

For building site and commercial use, the 110v versions offers increased safety. The 110v version is fitted with round-pin plugs and can only be used with a 110v step-down transformer or generator with a suitable current rating. 

What Arbor size are these disc cutters?

The R230DCT and R255DCT models both use a 22.2mm Arbor, the R300DCT & R300DCT+ models both have reversible flange mounts that can accommodate 20mm and 22.2mm sizes.

Which size saw do I need for cutting a house brick?

The R230DCT (9”) will cut through a brick laid flat, this saw has a 90mm maximum depth of cut. The R255DCT with a 102mm depth of cut will easily cut through a typical UK cavity wall, making it ideal for opening up walls for fitting new windows and doors.

Which blade should I use for cutting bricks?

The General Purpose and Premium Diamond blades are both ideal for cutting bricks. The Premium Diamond blade with its higher diamond content will be better for cutting harder materials such as engineering brick?

What is the best disc cutter blade for demolition work?

The Heavy-Duty multi-material Demolition blade is specifically designed to cut masonry, woodwork, rebar reinforced slab and metals. This blade features a unique multi-material cutting compound that works to quickly cut through the widest range of construction materials.

What servicing does an Electric Disc cutter need?

Evolution’s Electric Disc Cutters need minimal servicing, the only consumable part on the saws are the carbon brushes used in the motor. Carbon brushes can be easily replaced by the user in seconds. Should you ever need to replace a part on your saw due to damage or misuse Evolution offers a wide selection of spares via the website as well as complete product servicing at competitive rates.

How deep can I cut with a concrete saw from Evolution?

The R230DCT has a 90mm max cut depth, the R255DCT has a 102mm depth of cut and the R300DCT and R300DCT + both have a 115mm maximum depth of cut. All of Evolution’s concrete saws offer a maximum depth of cut that far exceeds what tools from other manufacturers with a similar blade size can achieve.

Which Disc Cutter is the best for laying patio?

Evolution’s R230DCT Electric Disc Cutter is perfect for laying patio and cutting paving slab. It has a powerful 2,000W motor and a maximum 90mm depth of cut that will power through ornamental paving stone. If you are laying patio commercially the R300DCT+ model with its larger blade and  more powerful motor also includes water fed dust suppression which helps increase blade life and will make cutting any masonry material quicker and easier helping to make your jobs faster and more profitable.

Do I need a license to use a Disc Cutter / Concrete Saw?

If you use a Disc Cutter for work, then you need the correct UK license to use that tool type under the Health and Safety & Work Equipment (PUWER) Regulations. For home use there is no license requirement. We always recommend that all users wear a suitable FFP3 rated respirator.

What is the biggest mistake when using a Disc Cutter?

It is common for inexperienced users to try to use their weight to push the blade through the material they are cutting. This will lead to overheating the blade, damaging the cutting surface and potentially damage to the saw. When cutting the correct procedure is to gently feed the blade of the saw into the material and let its abrasive action do the work with only gentle pressure applied.

What can a Disc Cutter Cut?

Evolution’s Electric Disc Cutters can cut most masonry materials, brick, block, paving slab, concrete, roof tile, ornamental stone, sandstone and harder quartz-based stone. Due to the segmented blade design they are not suitable for cutting high fired porcelain tile and other glazed ceramics. 

Are Disc Cutters bad for the environment?

Petrol-powered Disc Cutters burn fuel, so they aren’t great for the environment. Evolution’s Electric Disc Cutters solve this problem - making them the perfect choice for the emissions-conscious tradesman. They’re also a lot cheaper to run.

How are Evolution Disc Cutters different from other Disc Cutters?

While most old Disc Cutters run on fuel, Evolution’s Disc Cutters are electric. This presents a much quieter, yet still very powerful alternative to traditional Disc Cutters.

Are Disc Cutters easy to use?

Disc Cutters are easy to use when you know how. With the right info, experience and control, both DIY enthusiasts and professionals can use a Disc Cutter effectively. However, due to their largely uncovered blade, they present some safety concerns. Always read the manufacturer's instructions and consult someone more experienced if you’re not sure. Evolution is always here to help.

What is a Disc Cutter?

A Disc Cutter is a saw used specifically to tackle hard materials like concrete, tile, and metal. Usually handheld, they’ve been a favourite tool of many tradesmen for decades thanks to their ability to cut through tough objects with relative ease.

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