Evolution TV Episode 6 - Evolution Power Tools UK
Evolution TV Episode 6 | Unveiling The Secrets Of Fine Furniture Making | Quick DIY Home - Improvement Ideas | Interview With Award - Winning Furniture Maker
Episode six of Evolution TV is out now and it's packed full of great build features, maker interviews, technical product features, competitions and a whole lot more. 
How to build a shelving unit - Evolution Power Tools UK
How to build a shelving unit
  Sean Evelegh shows us how to build a Japanese-inspired, shelving unit. Follow the video guide to see all of the steps and the tools and material...
Ollie Allen - Full interview - Evolution Power Tools UK
Ollie Allen - Full interview
Furniture Designer, Maker, Builder and Jeweller, Ollie Allen, sits down with Vikkie to tell her about how he started as a maker, his inspirations...
Cordless reciprocating saw guide - Evolution Power Tools UK
Cordless reciprocating saw guide
#Tool Guides
  Join product design guru, Lee Price, as he explains all about the cordless, reciprocating saw. From an explanation as to what a reciprocating s...
Aimee and Matthew projects tour - Evolution Power Tools UK
Aimee and Matthew projects tour
Join Aimee and Matthew as they give us a tour of their house and the inspirational projects that they have worked on.
Sean Evelegh interview - Evolution Power Tools UK
Sean Evelegh interview
Sean Evelegh is back to tell us all about his workshop and projects. Find out how a fine furniture maker creates pieces for clients, hear about ...