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Carbon Brushes

Carbon brushes carry electrical current between static and moving parts within motors. They’re common in power tools like drills and saws, allowing them to rotate at great speeds. But the brushes wear out over time, which is why it’s essential they’re replaced as soon as the motor begins to slow down and it becomes clear the carbon brushes have reached their l...

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Questions and Answers

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How often do carbon brushes need replacing?

Carbon brushes generally last between one and five years. The exact amount of time it takes for carbon brushes to wear down depends on the tool in question, how often that tool is used and how many hours the tool has been in operation. If you’ve been using a power tool like a drill or a saw consistently for a long time, it might be time to replace the carbon brushes.

What happens when carbon brushes wear down?

When carbon brushes wear down, the power tool’s motor will struggle to perform. You must stop using the tool if the motor isn’t working properly, as it could cause irreversible damage and render your machine useless. You may also notice a burning smell when the brushes fail. Replace your carbon brushes as soon as possible to get the most life from your power tools.

Are all carbon brushes the same?

No, they usually fall under four categories:

- Carbon graphite
- Electrographite
- Graphite
- Metal

These will differ depending on the machine you’re using. Evolution carbon brushes are clearly labelled on our website, so you can easily find the right carbon brushes for your chosen tool. If you’re not sure, feel free to speak to one of our power tool experts.

Can you fix carbon brushes?

No, once carbon brushes have worn down or burnt they can’t be fixed. The only thing you can do is replace them with new ones, which will have your power tools up and running again in no time. If you’ve noticed your Evolution brand power tools starting to lose power, it could be a sign your carbon brushes need replacing. 

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