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Mild Steel Cutting Blades

If you’re cutting through anything thicker than sheet metal, you’ll need blades that are built for the task. Evolution Mild Steel Cutting Blades are designed to make easy work of even the most testing steel-cutting jobs.

If you’re cutting through anything thicker than sheet metal, you’ll need blades that are built for the task. Evolution Mild Steel Cutting Blades are designed to make easy work of even the most testing steel-cutting jobs.

Using the right blade for the job will help you finish your work faster. Crafted from high-quality Japanese carbide and heat-treated for extra durability, these mild steel cutting blades will ease their way through steel in a fraction of the time it would have taken with a lesser blade. This means you can move on to your next project quicker and stay productive for longer.

Cut through steel like a knife through butter with Evolution Mild Steel Cutting Blades. Specially designed by master blade craftsmen to glide through steel workpieces with ease, these blades will be well suited to both amateur and professional jobs alike - so whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned steel cutting veteran, you’ll be finishing your latest projects in no time.

The blades’ ultra-sharp and carefully refined teeth make light work of mild steel, letting you finish your projects in record time, boosting your productivity and work rate. And because there’s far less resistance than lesser-suited blades, you won’t feel like you’re struggling your way through every workpiece. Instead, you can enjoy a seamless, consistent cutting experience every time.

These premium-quality mild steel cutting blades are formed using only the finest Japanese carbide, for ultimate durability during the most grueling of cuts. Their bodies are heat-hardened, making them exceptionally tough for long-lasting resistance. This also means that, unlike some of the lesser-quality blades you’ll find on the market, these blades aren’t prone to quick dulling or warping. With the right care and a steady hand, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your new blade for hundreds of cuts to come. Then, when you finally need a new blade, you can always have one to hand with our reliable Evolution Blade Subscription Service - so you know you’ll never run out of blades when you need them the most.

Producing professional-standard cuts every time - a million miles away from the kind of results you’d see with abrasive discs - you’ll find there’s barely any heat produced once the cut is free from the workpiece. This means your materials can be handled straight away after the cut is made - no more wasting time for the metal to cool down before you can touch it.

Plus, unlike other blades, Evolution Mild Steel Blades produce silky-smooth results that don’t require any excessive treatment or corrections after the cut is made - they’re ready for welding straight off the saw.

Check out our collection of mild steel cutting blades that can be paired with several Evolution power tools below. And, if you need any more info before making a purchase, feel free to get in touch with an Evolution Power Tools expert today - we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and help find the mild steel cutting blade that’s right for you and your important work.

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Questions and Answers

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Do I need more than one mild steel cutting blade?

It doesn’t hurt having more than one blade at your disposal, especially if you do a lot of cutting, as blades can wear over time and need to be replaced. But if you wait until your blade needs to be replaced before picking up a new one, you could be costing yourself time and productivity. So if your work is ongoing, it’s always a good idea to have a spare blade available. Evolution’s Blade Subscription Plan is a great way to ensure you always have the blades you need in stock.

Do mild steel cutting blades cause steel to get hot?

Like all metal blades, mild steel cutting blades can get hot and make their cuts hot due to the consistent contact with the steel it's cutting through. However, they produce far less heat than their abrasive disc alternatives, because the ultra-sharp teeth of the blade help it to glide through the metal with as little resistance as possible. An abrasive disc, on the other hand, is abrasive on all sides and catches the steel with its small fibres constantly, causing more friction and heat. In short, if you want a cooler cutting solution, opt for a mild steel cutting blade from Evolution.

How long do mild steel cutting blades last?

There’s no set length of time a mild steel cutting blade will last - that depends on various factors, like how much you use the blade, what specific materials you’re cutting into and the technique of the user. If you plan on using the correct blade with the correct material, your cutting technique is in good form and you don’t damage the blade, your blade could last for hundreds of cuts before needing to be replaced. If you’d like to know more about our mild steel cutting blades, get in touch with an Evolution Power Tool expert today.

Can mild steel cutting blades cut other materials?

Technically, you can use mild steel cutting blades to cut other materials, but the result won’t be what you want. You need to use the right type of blade with the material it is designed to cut if you want the cleanest, smoothest results, as well as if you want to avoid accidents. That’s why we’d always recommend using these blades to cut mild steel and mild steel only. If you’d like to look at the range of other blades we have available, click here.

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