Evolution TV Episode 5 - Evolution Power Tools UK
Evolution TV Episode 5 | Learning To Create A Patio From Scratch | Dreams To Reality - Kids’ Inventions| Interview With Popular YouTuber
  Real People. Real Places. Real Stories.  Family is everything. You find yourself going to great lengths to ensure they are provided for, hap...
How to lay a patio with Chris the Builder - Evolution Power Tools UK
How to lay a patio with Chris the Builder
Construction and building specialist, Chris Smith, gives us a step-by-step guide to laying a patio. Follow the video guide to complete this projec...
Kids Invent Stuff projects - Evolution Power Tools UK
Kids Invent Stuff projects
We take a look at some of the crazy and spectacular projects created by Youtuber's Ruth and Shawn from Kids Invent Stuff. Kids Invent Stuff create...
Real-time setup and calibration of the RAGE5-S table saw - Evolution Power Tools UK
Real-time setup and calibration of the RAGE5-S table saw
#Tool Guides
Lee Price, shows us how to setup and calibrate the RAGE5-S table saw. Lee demonstrates how to assemble your table saw and introduces you to its fe...
Woodworker, Mitch Peacock Interview - Evolution Power Tools UK
Woodworker, Mitch Peacock Interview
Expert woodworker, Mitch Peacock, discusses his projects, methods and favourite tools. Get an insight into how he tackles woodwork, the YouTube pr...
Ruth Amos interview - Evolution Power Tools UK
Ruth Amos interview
Ruth Amos, from Kids Invent Stuff, talks about how her and her co-host Shawn, have built their channel, the things they create and what their plans...
Chris the builder interview - Evolution Power Tools UK
Chris the builder interview
Chris Smith, AKA Chris the builder, talks us through his experience in the building trade, how he got started, working with customers and the awa...