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Real People. Real Places. Real Stories. 

Family is everything. You find yourself going to great lengths to ensure they are provided for, happy, safe, and secure - even when it may involve creating a patio or trying to bring your kid's whacky imagination to life. If you find yourself swimming in the same boat, then our newest episode will be right up your alley. However, there's more to it.  

As always, our episode is jam-packed with wisdom, tips and tricks, and helpful guides related to woodworking and tools that help you work faster and better. With another exciting interview with someone well-respected in the woodworking community, Mitch Peacock and plenty of gifts and giveaways, you'd regret missing out on this one. 

Here's everything that you will discover in this episode's recap: 

Learning To Lay A Patio From Scratch With Chris The Builder
Evolution Power Tools In Action
Meet The Makers Of Kids Invent Stuff
Readers' Most Trusted 5 DIY Tips
Heart To Heart With Popular YouTuber - Mitch Peacock
Detailed Product Guide For RAGE5-S 255mm Table Saw
Competitions & Winners
Evolution Power Tools

Time to jump in. 

Learning To Lay A Patio From Scratch With Chris The Builder

We meet Chris, a builder specialising in domestic house extensions for our segment. He was in Wigan, UK, to finish an ongoing job that has taken the pair - him and his apprentice, Micah, nearly six months to complete. Regardless of the time, the sheer amount of hard work and pride in his work are quite clear.  

Chris The Builder on a job site.

Some of the work included affixing outdoor ceiling lights, a 15-degree pitch roof, putting in steel columns, and now the only work that remains is laying down the patio.  

Getting right down to business, he tells our crew that about 50 square meters of Indian stone needed to be laid down, but thankfully our team reached out to him just in time to help make his task easier. We handed over the tried and tested water-fed disc cutter to ensure that the process of cutting stone was smooth as butter.  

Evolution Disc Cutter

He demonstrated the tool's ability to cut through the stone, and so far, he was really impressed by the performance and was excited to finish the project with the saw's help. Chris even let Micah try his hand at the saw and see how he would react, given how the latter never operated one. Micah was also impressed by how easy it was to use and how much faster it was to cut the stone.  

After the sawing action, it was time to fix up the steps and prime them. Chris explained how necessary this was given how porous the stone was, and without priming, all the moisture will be sucked in. After that, it was time for waterproofing. He used a mix of 5 parts of sharp sand and 1 part of cement. It is close to a cement mix and helps prevent shrinking and discolouration. When this was done, he applied the priming solution to the back of the stone so that it helped to adhere. Measuring the level and affixing it in place with a rubber mallet, Chris declared the patio done with some relief.  

After washing and polishing, Chris doled out more wisdom and asked our viewers to notice that there shouldn't be any crosses where the stone has been laid down. A 'T' shape is okay but having a cross means the work was not done properly. He showed us an example, and we could see that it didn't look right. 

Chris The Builder Project

With this final tip and a gorgeous shot of their handiwork, Chris and Micah decided to take their leave. He reminisced that everything in here was done by just the two of them - whether it was driving the JCB, digging, doing the foundation, brickwork, and even installing the electrics. Looking back at the patio, he remarked that it looked fantastic and that Evolution Power Tools helped a lot in the process.  

If any of the tasks that Chris did intrigue you and you would like to try them for your home, we have done an in-depth and comprehensive five-part series where he takes you through every step and gives more tips to improve your work. Check it out here 

Evolution Power Tools In Action

Honestly, nothing makes our team more elated than seeing our customers using the tools that we create for them. Many are kind enough to send us videos while they are off creating something amazing; we love the creativity! Here are some of our favourites from the past month: 

#1 - Ross has been using Evolution's mitre saw to cut a skirting board for his refurbished project.  

Evolution Mitre Saw

#2 - Dave has been using his Evolution's R165CCS cordless circular saw to cut mild steel, and he admitted to being pleased with the results and the overall performance.  

#3 - We also saw Susie upcycling a pair of Chester drawers with the help of Evolution power tools. 

#4 - Jay was glad to be using his Evolution belt sander to finish off his carved bedside table project.  

If you want to be featured in our episodes and have something to show us, tag us on Instagram at @evolutionpowertools_uk, and you can stand a chance to be featured.  

Meet The Makers Of Kids Invent Stuff  

After letting the adults run the show for a while, it was time we temporarily handed over the reins to the kids.  

We met up with the creators of the YouTube channel - Kids Invent Stuff - who are known for bringing the little ones' ideas and dreams to life and testing them. The videos are artistic and engaging, and it was great to chat with them. 

Ruth Amos

Ruth, of the co-creators of the channel, greeted us enthusiastically at their workshop, where they built and tested out the project shown on their channel. Diving into how this all came about, she reveals that she and Sean set up the channel, and they regularly make videos where they create kids' invention ideas. Every month there is a different challenge, and 4-11-year-olds send their visions in the form of pictures and videos, and the duo chooses to bring one to feature on their channel.  

They document the entire process starting from brainstorming, and failures, to testing - all of it is on their channel.  

Taking a tour of the workshop was a revelation. All types of tools, colourful helmets, toys, and motivational posters are found here - everything was so vibrant and interesting.  

Recalling some of her most amazing inventions, she said giant robot mice that expel cat food, moving toy trains that can deliver cups of beverages, and confetti-firing shoes are some of their favourites.  

After selecting an idea, the creation process starts right when the creators sit down and chalk out a plan about how to convert the design into reality. Sometimes, they split certain jobs and deploy the 'divide-and-rule' policy. Telling us an instance where they built a giant gravity cake racer; they needed a wooden frame that Ruth built and a vegan cake weighing about 140 kg that was baked by Sean in a microwave. The pair put their respective creations together and had their Eureka! moment.   

In some cases, they make use of existing resources they have, such as one required drilling a hole into a fully functioning car. Whereas sometimes, they take things apart that already exist to use for an invention, it all depends on what process they agree on and what the selected idea requires.  

Since they never know what they might need, the team needs to have a variety of tools. They may be welding, programming or chopping stuff using an Evolution TCT Chop saw - anything that helps them create a working invention.  

Ruth Amos at a school

The reason why they started such a unique channel was that they read the research that young ones start thinking about what they can or can't do as a career way earlier than adults expect. The couple was passionate about showing children how exciting engineering and creation were. Moreover, people were increasingly switching from TV to YouTube and Ruth, and Sean decided to educate, have fun, and be on a video streaming platform.   

Discussing what's next for the channel, Ruth beams and reveals that they are close to creating their 100th invention, but what truly matters is that they continue to inspire. If you want to know about their projects in detail, click here 

Readers' Most Trusted 5 DIY Tips 

Before we reveal our guest for this episode, let's take a look at tried and tested DIY tips sent in by our viewers: 

#1 - Maximise your clamp collection! Did you know that if you have bar clamps, you can put them together to make one giant clamp?  

DIY Tips

#2 - Remember to measure and triple-check the measuring.  

#3 - Having a breaker in your tool bag is so worth it. Big job or small job, you never know when that tool will come in handy.  

#4 - Always wear a mask or you are in a well-ventilated room, especially when you are doing something that may generate lots of dust.  

#5 - Never be scared of starting a project. Break it down into easy-to-follow steps, and you will be amazed at how easy it was to begin all along.  

If you have some tips to share yourself, we are very interested to hear them. All you need to do is send us a video of yourself explaining the tip, and you could be featured in our next episode. Here's a little incentive: We will send over a brand new Evolution Mitre Saw if you get featured!  

Heart To Heart With Popular YouTuber - Mitch Peacock 

A mentor to beginners who provides sage advice and tuition, creator of bespoke pieces for grateful customers, and an experienced YouTuber with a hefty portfolio of helpful videos where he covers everything to know about making - we warmly welcomed the woodworking guru, Mitch Peacock.  

Mitch Peacock Interview

Right off the gate, we were curious to know how he got started and how it all led to starting his YouTube channel. Revealing his childhood, he said, "I guess woodworking was always going to happen, given how my father and grandfather were always woodworking on weekends. So, I saw all this happening from a young age and quickly fell in love with art. I took it up and taught myself how to make fine furniture." 

We asked if Mitch has undertaken any formal training because his attention to detail is unparalleled. He replied, "The only tuition I ever took was for wood carving, but I quickly found out that I learned the best when I taught myself." 

We enquired whether his preferences were YouTube videos or books for learning, only for him to admit, "I didn't know about YouTube at that time. I only got to know when I told a friend of mine about what I do, and he suggested looking into the video platform. That's all how it came about." 

Given his vast portfolio of videos, we quizzed him about what kind of things he liked to teach people on Youtube, and he answered, "Mainly my tutorials for woodworking joints that the viewers can go on to build other designs from there and also make videos where they can download the plans, choose to follow along or customise accordingly." 

Mitch's creativity is brilliant, and we really wanted to know where he got his inspiration from. He divulges, "Since most of the videos I create are tutorials, it is all about the woodworking I learned myself. Occasionally, I will find another inspiring YouTube video that I can put my own touch on." 

Knowing that he has worked on many projects, we wanted to know which one completely surprised him, considering how well it went over with the viewers. He said, "There are a few, but the one that really surprised me was one about knuckle joints. You wouldn't think that it would be particularly popular, but it's the most popular video on my channel." 

Addressing climate concerns, we questioned whether he was worried about his viewers using endangered wood species and stripping the rainforest. He replied, "Obviously, climate change is a big concern. To educate people, I have a series on different wood woodworkers can use, and if any of these species are on the UN's endangered list, then I make a note of that and ask people to be careful about their choices. Also, I use a lot of reclaimed wood, so it helps to show that you can use old wood and make something new."  

Wrapping up, we had to ask about his plans for the future of his channel and his creations. He divulged, "I am really interested in reevaluating my channel and hope to take it in a different direction. I have probably been taught everything that I wanted to, but to stay current, I need to publish a video regularly. I have also started writing a book on woodworking joints, and many magazine articles have kept me busy too." 

Thanking him for his time and wisdom, we bid Mitch goodbye. However, if you love Mitch and want to hear more about him, you can click here for an in-depth interview.  

Detailed Product Guide For RAGE5-S 255mm Table Saw

One of our most popular products due to its reliability, portability, and multi-material cutting technology, learn how to get the best out of Evolution RAGE5-S 255mm Table Saw With 28T Multi-Material. 

Lee Price with the RAGE5-S

Our design guru, Lee, shows how to assemble and optimise this powerful tool. Click here for a detailed video that you wouldn't need to pause because Lee takes through every step meticulously. From unboxing, setting up, and advising what other tools go best with this saw to calibration, he really does tell you everything in this useful video. Make sure you check it out.  

Competitions & Winners 

With every episode release, we at Evolution TV feel generous and give away tons of free gifts, including spa vouchers, hotel stays, Apple and Amazon products, Evolution goodies, and so much more. There are many different ways to enter yourself into the competition and stand a good chance of winning a great prize. The best way to seize the opportunity is by subscribing to our YouTube Channel, clicking the Bell icon to turn on all notifications, and keeping an eye on Evolution TV episodes. In the description below of each video, there will be some links that will allow you to enter. 

Evolution Power Tools 

That's a wrap on episode 5 - we hope you enjoyed it! 

At Evolution Power Tools, we are always toiling away to ensure that our customers get the best service and creatively-designed products. We guarantee that we will become your first preference once you start using Evolution power tools. Our products and dedication are just that good. Browse our store to see our entire range.  

When using Evolution tools, make sure you follow all health & safety guidelines. For more info, you can contact our expert support team based in Sheffield. 



At Evolution, we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing power tools that are safe for the user and the working environment around them. When using Evolution tools, make sure you follow all health & safety guidelines. For more info, you can contact our expert support team based in Sheffield.

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