Evolution R255SMS-DB+ 255mm Double Bevel Sliding Compound Mitre Saw With 40T Wood Blade And 28T Multi-Material TCT Blade

One of the most popular items in the tool kit of quality tradesmen - both amateur and professional - mitre saws can produce smooth, clean cuts at multiple angles to offer pieces that can be fit together and otherwise utilised in several ways. 

While they are mostly used to cut wood for carpentry, mitre saws are also capable of cutting other materials, like plastic, ceramics and non-ferrous metals, as long as you have the correct mitre saw blade or circular saw blades. Using a blade that is not suitable for the material you’re cutting is a recipe for disaster - something we’ll look at in more detail soon.   

If you’re buying a new mitre saw, or you already have a mitre saw and are on the lookout for a new blade, here’s why choosing the right mitre saw blade for the job isn’t a choice, it’s essential.


Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Whenever you’re working with blades of any kind - but especially large, powerful and fast-spinning blades - there are safety risks that need to be considered.

Along with the usual safety risks posed by human error - including hands and other limbs becoming caught in active blades - incorrect mitre saw blades present their own host of problems.

If you’re working with a particularly resistant material, like stone, cutting it with a blade that has been specifically designed to cut wood - like our Evolution 255mm Fine Wood Blade - won’t only fail at producing the results you’re looking for, it could seriously damage the blade and its teeth, cause irreparable damage to the workpiece and could produce countless sparks.

On top of this, the resistance caused by the blade meeting the material could cause reverberation that makes the saw more difficult to handle, increasing the risk of the blade coming into contact with your person. That’s why, for stone, you should always use an appropriate blade like the Evolution 255mm Diamond Blade For Mitre Saws, which will produce accurate results every time.

Be sure you’re choosing the correct blade before beginning your work. If you’d like some advice before making your purchase, why not reach out to one of our Evolution Power Tools experts? We’d be happy to offer you the knowledge you need to choose the right blade to get the job done.

Quality of work

Smooth cuts that are fit for purpose are the aim of any tradesman worth his salt. To produce the smoothest, most precise cuts you need a blade that’s been tailor-made to work in unison with specific materials.

For example, our Evolution 255mm Aluminium Cutting 80T Blade will slice through aluminium with ease and is built from the highest-grade Japanese carbide for ultra-smooth cuts. Whereas a blade that is not best suited to aluminium would produce significantly rougher cuts, if it were to penetrate the metal at all.

If you want to create visually stunning pieces of work that are fit for purpose straight from the blade, or need very little intervention to make them perfect post-cutting, choosing the right blade will be a godsend.


Whether you’re a DIY hero or a working professional, time is of the essence when it comes to your projects. You always want to be able to produce exceptional work, but you want to do it quickly, because either your schedule or the client will appreciate it.

Working with blades that aren’t suited to the role will seriously slow down the cutting process because you’ll have to deal with the fallout of an unsuitable blade (mentioned above). Add to this the fact that unsuitable blades simply don’t cut through materials as quickly as material-specific blades and you’ll have a mountain to climb.

However, choosing the right blade before you begin will make your job a whole lot easier, allowing you to cut through materials at lightning speed (but there’s no need to rush - you still need to follow all recommended saw safety rules, right?). You’ll have cut through your stack of materials quickly and efficiently before you know it with the right mitre saw blade at your disposal.

Choose the right mitre saw blade for your job at Evolution Power Tools

At Evolution Power Tools, we have a wide range of mitre saw blades and other blades for you to choose from, so you’ll have the correct blade to use whatever you’re working on. Check out our extensive range at the links above, or hit the ‘Support’ tab if you have any questions - we’re just an email away.

And with a free next-day delivery service on orders above £30 - placed before 4.45 pm - you could be working away on your next project in no time.

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Evolution R255SMS+ - 255mm Sliding Mitre Saw With TCT Multi-Material Cutting Blade - Evolution Power Tools UKEvolution R255SMS+ - 255mm Sliding Mitre Saw With TCT Multi-Material Cutting Blade - Evolution Power Tools UK
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