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Circular Saws

High quality Circular Saws & Guide Rails from Evolution Power Tools

Evolution's Track Saws have just received a huge upgrade with our new G2 Tracks and Accessories. More accurate, our new G2 Tracks feature Pat Pending Self-Aligning Connecting Bars to deliver unbeatable straight line cutting performance. Easier to use, there's an extra low-friction Glide Strip on top for smoother cutting, new Grip Strips underneath and a new softer Splinter Guard. We've redesigned the Clamps, increased compatibility with your favourite saws from other brands, added Track Square compatibility and there's a new selection of dedicated accessories.

Whether you’re new to Circular Saws or a hardened veteran, this is the perfect place to start for countless cutting jobs.  For the latest offers, savings, and discounts, check out our range of Circular Saws below.


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Questions and Answers

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How many types of Circular Saw are there?

There are three main types of Circular Saw; Standard, Track Saw and Plunge Saw. Evolution specialise in corded and Cordless Circular Saws our R185CCSX and ST2800 Track kit is the UK’s best selling Track Saw combo. 

What is a Standard Circular Saw?

The standard circular saw offers the ability to adjust cutting depth and blade angle before starting a cut, these saws come with a small parallel edge guide to aid straight cutting and are ideal for a wide range of cutting tasks on the job site and home workshop.

What is a Track Saw?

A Track Saw is a Circular Saw that is compatible with a Rail System, like our R185CCSX and ST2800 products. By mounting the saw to the track it is possible to achieve cuts up to 2.8m in length that are straight to fractions of a mm and rival the performance of professional Table Saws.

What is a Plunge Saw?

A Plunge Saw offers the features of a track saw and usually adds in an enclosed blade for reduced dust creation and allows the user to vary the depth of cut at any time. Plunge Saws tend to be much more expensive than Track Saws and generally use brand-specific rail systems.

Are Circular Saws Dangerous?

Any power tool can be dangerous if used improperly. Evolution Circular Saws are fitted with multiple safety features to help ensure safe and accurate cutting, articulating blade guards, electronic blade brakes and precision cutting guides are all standard fitments on Evolution Circular Saws.

What would I use a Circular Saw for?

A Circular Saw is the correct tool for making angled andsimple straight cuts into any flat-sided workpiece. It’s the ideal saw if you are putting up a wood-framed stud wall and need to make accurate 90-degree cuts. A Circular Saw is perfect for helping make straight and bevelled cuts if you are laying decking, interior flooring, framing, wood panels or metal sheeting or cladding.

Who needs a Circular Saw?

If you have a project where you will need to make perpendicular or angled cuts into a workpiece, then a Circular Saw is often the correct tool. When mounted to a track system you can make long straight perpendicular or bevel cuts that rival the best Table Saws.

Should I buy a Circular Saw or a Table Saw?

Buy a Circular Saw if you want a mobile, hand-held tool that can make perpendicular or bevelled cuts in flat-sided materials. They are also ideal for making cuts in sheet material; buy a Circular Saw & Trackif you haven’t got the space for a Table Saw.

Should I buy A Circular Saw or a Mitre Saw?

Buy a Circular Saw if you are making straight or angled cuts through square or large rectangular workpieces or cutting sheet materials and need the ability to make longer continuous cuts that Mitre Saws cannot achieve. For cutting precision Compound Mitre & Bevel cuts as well perfect end-to-end length cuts a Mitre Saw is the better choose a mitre saw. 

How does the parallel edge guide work on a Circular Saw?

The edge guide provides a backstop to position the saw at a fixed distance from the edge of the workpiece and allows you to set how far from the edge of the job the blade will be, so that you can fix a specific width of cut. 

Can I make perfectly straight cuts with the parallel edge guide?

It’s possible to make a good straight cut with a circular saw by just using the edge guide, but the cut will only ever be as straight and accurate as the edge of the workpiece you are cutting. You can’t make a straight cut with a parallel edge guide on a curvy piece of board.

What size circular saw blade do I need?

Choose a circular saw that provides the depth of cut that you require. Larger blades allow you to make deeper, faster cutswith a smoother finish. For DIY use at home many people find a 165mm circular saw is the size they need. Users who require more power and versatility in their circular saw usually go for a 185mm model. Our R185CCSX+ is our most popular size and offers a maximum 64mm depth of cut.

Do all Circular Saws have dust extraction?

All Evolution Circular Saws with Multi-material blades can be connected to powered dust extraction systems to help keep your workspace clean. The Evolution R15VAC Wet and Dry Workshop Vacuum can be used with all of our Multi-material Circular Saws and offer remote start-up for instant cleaning.  


Evolution’s metal cutting Circular Saws are either equipped with chip extraction ports (S185CCSL) or have integrated magnetic chip collection trays (S210CCS). 

What is the difference between the R185CCS and the R185CCSX models?

The R185CCS model uses a low profile base system that is not compatible with circular saw track systems. The Evolution R185CCSX & R185CCSX+ models are track compatible.

What saw blade is the best for cutting laminate flooring?

The best Evolution saw blades for cutting Laminate flooring are either the Fine Wood blades or the Thin Steel blades. The Fine Wood blade will be best for wood based laminate flooring types. Vinyl Laminate flooring boards often include a high wear protective coating on the top surface, made with aluminium oxide, which is incredibly hard wearing, for these types of flooring we recommend the Thin Steel blade which has a higher tooth count and therefore minimizes the abrasive wear caused by the protective wear layer.

Can a Circular Saw cut metal?

All Evolution Circular Saws can cut metal as well as wood, plastic and composites with our standard Multi-material blade. We also manufacture a range of aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and non-ferrous metal cutting blades for all of our Circular Saws, Table saws, Chop saws and Mitre saws.

What types of metal can I cut With a Multi-material blade?

All Evolution Circular Saw can cut Mild steel and Non-ferrous metals with the supplied Multi-material blade. If you want to cut Aluminium, 304 Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper and other non-ferrous metals choose one of our material-specific metal cutting blades.

What’s the best metal cutting circular Saw?

The Evolution S185CCSL and S210CCS Metal cutting Circular Saws are designed specifically for cutting metals. Both saws will slice through, mild steel, non-ferrous sheet, bar, and profiles with ease. The S210CCS is a Heavy Duty metal cutting track compatible circular saw that can be used with the ST1400 or ST2800 track kits for making precision straight cuts in all types of metal sheet. Material specific blades designed for cutting thin steel, 304 Stainless Steel and Aluminium are available for the S185CCSL and S210CCS circular Saws.

Who makes the best Circular Saws?

Evolution’s best circular saws are some of the most popular in the UK with trade and diy users. We think that you’ll find it very hard to beat the value for money, Multi-material cutting performance, durability and service that Evolution’s 5 star ratedCircular Saws deliver to our customers.We makes circular saws to suit all budgets; from compact 165mm multi-material circular saws, through our track compatible 185mm R185CCSX models all the way through to our S210CCS Heavy-Duty Metal Cutting Fabrications circular saws.

Which brand has the longest Circular Saw warranty?

All Evolution Circular Saws come with a long 3-year, parts and manufacturing warranty. Evolution has a service centre at our UK Head office and we can help keep your power tools running faultlessly for years and years.

Do I need a Circular Saw Track?

If you need to make long straight, perpendicular or bevelled cuts in sheet materials you will either need a Circular Saw Track kit or a Table Saw with a large flatbed and outfeed extensions. An Evolution circular saw and track kit can easily make straight cuts up to 8 foot in length with an accuracy that rivals multi-thousand pound table saws.  


If you want a compact solution to making long straight cuts in sheet material it’s hard to beat the value and performance offered by our R185CCSX circular saw and ST2800 2.8m 2-piece (2x700cm) track kit. 

Are Circular Saw tracks universal?

The Evolution ST2800 and ST1400 Circular Saw Tracks will fit Circular Saws from many popular brands and all of Evolution’s Track Compatible Circular Saws (R185CCSX models) 


Not every Circular Saw from every brand fits every Circular Saw track so please check before buying. 

Are Saw blades universal?

When choosing a blade for your saw you need to make sure that you match the correct blade diameter, Kerf width, rotation direction, arbor size and max speed rating so they are not universal. Evolution saws are designed to be used with Evolution blades only and are not warrantied for use with third party blades which may not be made to the same specification as our blades. Using the wrong blade can damaged your saw and puts you at risk of injury, please only use Evolution blades on your Evolution saw.

Can Circular Saw blades be sharpened?

Evolution Circular Saw blades use Tungsten Carbide Teeth, these can be sharpened by a specialist saw sharpener with the correct diamond polishing equipment. On larger blades, this can be cost-effective, on blades 255mm and smaller it is unlikely to be as economical as replacing the blade.

What is the best saw for cutting plywood sheet?

A circular saw with 2.8m track would be a great choice for cutting large amounts of plywood sheet. If you are boarding out a room or laying flooring that requires a ply substrate then the Evolution R185CCSX & 2.8m Track would be the perfect choice especially if you don’t have the space for a large table saw.

Which saw is best for laminate flooring?

The R185CCSX is the perfect choice for fitting laminate flooring, it will let you make accurate, perpendicular and bevelled cuts through your flooring. For laying engineered wood and luxury vinyl flooring we’d use the 185mm Fine Wood blade for the smoothest cut edge.

Which is the most popular Circular Saw?

The best-selling Circular Saw from Evolution is the R185CCSX this 5-star rated tool is loved by the trade and DIY users. It’s the ideal Circular Saw for most home jobs and it’s the perfect 1st and 2nd fix saw on the jobsite. If you want a compact, powerful Circular Saw that cuts new & reclaimed wood, mild steel & non-ferrous metal as well as plastics and composites the R185CCSX is the obvious choice.

What is the best saw for cutting metal tube?

If you want a lightweight but capable handheld saw the S185CCSL would be a great choice for cutting metal tube. If you want a heavyweight saw suitable for fabrication use the S210CCS Heavy Duty Metal Cutting fabrication Saw is the best choice.  If you want a bench mounted saw with a huge cutting capacity then the S355CPS Chop Saw will cut through Mild-steel & non-ferrous tube, profile, angle and thick plate with ease. Choose the model that suits your requirements. If you need a saw for making precision angled cuts in large metal workpieces then the new S355MCS Mitre Cutting Chop Saw is unbeatable.

Where can I use my Circular Saw?

Evolution’s plug-in Circular Saws are compact and can easily be moved between the jobsite and a home workshop. They can be used on any flat surface, track mounted or used with a cutting bench / saw horse. 


Evolution’s Cordless 18v EXT Circular Saws can be used anywhere. These light, powerful, compact and accurate Circular Saws are perfect for home workshop and trade use on construction sites. 

How long will my blade last?

Blade life depends on the material being cut, the harder the material the shorter the blade life will be. Evolution only uses premium, Japanese sourced carbide in our saw blades. It’s better finished, tougher and longer lasting than more commonly used carbide grades. 

Cleaning the teeth of your blade, especially if cutting exterior grades of wood will help to keep your blade running cleanly by removing sap and resin build up. We recommend using a cloth dampened with spray-on automotive brake cleaner to keep your blades in pristine condition. 

Can a Circular Saw cut 3x2?

The maximum cut depth on a Circular Saw depends on the blade size and the clearance around the blade guard. All of Evolution’s 185mm Circular Saws can cut through 3x2”

Can a Circular Saw cut tile and other ceramics?

Circular Saws are not suitable for cutting ceramics and masonry. If you need a quick cut in a tile or other piece of masonry an Evolution Mitre Saw and diamond tipped blade will get the job done.If you need to make repeated cuts in masonry, we recommend that you take a look at our range of Electric Disc Cutters/Concrete Saws.

How accurate are Circular Saws?

Evolution Circular Saws offer repeatable cut accuracy to within half a degree for Bevel and cuts. Our adjustable depth stops mean you can make perfectly accurate cuts to partial depth. 

Should I buy a Circular Saw or a Table Saw?

If portability and compact size are of primary importance the Circular Saw is the better choice. If a larger maximum depth of cut and a higher power motor is more useful choose the Table Saw. If you need to make long straight cuts up to 2.8m in length on the jobsite then a Circular Saw and track kit is unbeatable.

Should I buy A Mitre Saw or a Circular Saw?

Buy a Mitre Saw if you are making straight or complex angled cuts in square or rectangular workpieces up to 12 inches in size. If you are planning in making cuts in sheet material then you’ll need a Circular Saw.

What makes Circular Saws so popular?

Their portability along with their high degree of accuracy makes circular saws a very popular choice on worksites and personal DIY projects. They’re also much more powerful and time-efficient than traditional saws.

Can a beginner use a Circular Saw?

If you’re just starting out using power tools, a Circular Saw is a good choice. It’s reliable and powerful, but also offers a great learning experience depending on your skill level. The blade guard and trigger locations also offer a good level of safety compared to some other saws, as long as proper safety measures are followed as standard.

What can I use a Circular Saw for?

Virtually anything - Circular Saws are one of the most versatile cutting tools on the market. Common uses of Circular Saws include cutting large pieces of timber, trimming metals, cutting bevels, and straight-edge work.

What is a Circular Saw?

A Circular Saw is a handheld saw powerful enough to cut various tough materials, including wood, metals, plastics, and even concrete and bricks. They’re able to cut at various angles and directions based on the movements of the user.

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