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Heavy-Duty Metal Cutting Tools

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Can beginners use heavy-duty metal cutting tools?

It is generally recommended that beginners don’t jump straight to heavy-duty metal-cutting tools. Not only are these tools usually heavier and more powerful than the alternatives, but they’re also more dangerous and inducive of accidents thanks to the demanding requirements of the metals being cut. If you’re just starting out, begin with something less intimidating, like thinner wood that can be cut using a jigsaw - there’s no large blade to deal with, but you can still get a great feel for cutting in a safer and more controlled way. 

Are heavy-duty metal cutting blades different from other blades?

Blades are designed for different purposes and feature traits that make them unique to the materials they’re built to cut. When it comes to heavy-duty metal cutting blades, these blades have been carefully crafted to deal with the pressures and resistance offered by more robust metals, like steel. Qualities like tungsten-carbide-tipped teeth and Japanese carbide construction make them ideal for strenuous, repetitive cutting without fraying or warping quickly. You can explore our full range of blades here.

What metal types are heavy-duty metal cutting tools suited to?

As the name suggests, heavy-duty metal cutting tools are built to deal with thicker, more rugged metals like steel. This is opposed to their smaller, less powerful relatives who are able to handle lighter and less imposing metals like sheet metal, thin steel and aluminium. If you’re dealing with heavy metal items like piping, beams or similar metallic objects, you’re going to need heavy-duty tools to cut them quickly and safely.

How do heavy-duty mag drills work?

One of the most popular tools for drilling holes in metals, heavy-duty mag drills allow you to drill holes in thicker, harsher metals, like steel, using specialty drill bits called cutters. The metal is held in place beneath the drill, while the operator turns a handle, lowering the rotating cutter into the metal to produce a hole. These holes can be differing sizes, depending on the size of the cutter you’ve used, allowing the workpiece to be used in a variety of applications, including using the holes to affix the metals to other pieces.

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