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Evolution EVOMAG50 - 50mm Magnetic Drill (Discontinued)

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The EVOMAG50 is a robust and highly portable Magnetic drill press. Capable of making tough cuts in situ with annular cutters up to 50mm in diameter and twist drills up to 16mm. Dual speed operation allows selection of the optimum speed to match the cutter diameter in  use.

With 75mm of sled depth travel, over 3000kg/f magnetic adhesion and a 2000W motor driving every cut the EVOMAG50 is ready to tackle all heavy-duty construction and fabrication work.
*The EVOMAG50 is a discontinued product, we can no longer acquire spare parts from the manufacturer for this model and it should be considered End Of Life and as such only has 90-Day Warranty Support.
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Your Reviews


How accurate are magnetic drills?

Magnetic drills are accurate between 0.005mm and 0.001mm when using annular cutters. This is an exceptional level of accuracy, suited to both personal and professional projects. Their heightened accuracy when compared to similar drills makes them a popular choice for those needing to drill through tough metals with pinpoint precision. 

Can I use a magnetic drill at different angles?

Portable magnetic drills can drill vertically, horizontally or overhead. Their lightweight nature and strong magnetic capabilities give them a distinct advantage over similar drills as they can be positioned and fixed into place to suit almost any metalwork drilling job.

How do I choose a magnetic drill?

When choosing a specific magnetic drill, you’ll need to take several variables into account:

  • The diameter of the hole you’re drilling
  • The type of material that is to be drilled
  • The thickness of the material
  • The number of holes that you’ll be drilling 
  • The type of annular cutter you’ll be using

If this is your first magnetic drill, speak to one of our power tool experts. They’ll give you all the help you need to make an educated decision.

Which Magnetic Drill do I need?

This depends on what you’re working on. Determining factors in which Mag Drill to use include hole diameter, drill depth, number of holes, work environment, and more. If you’re unsure, get in touch with us at Evolution - we’d be happy to help guide you.

How big of a hole can you drill with a Magnetic Drill?

Evolution Magnetic Drills feature annular cutters capable of drilling holes up to 50mm in width, depending on your choice of model and accessories.

Who uses a Magnetic Drill?

Countless construction companies and other large businesses where metalwork is involved take advantage of Mag Drill benefits every day. But they can also be used by independent workers or other individuals.

How accurate is a Magnetic Drill?

Averaging an accuracy of between 0.005mm and 0.001mm when drilling through steel, Mag Drills offer some of the most accurate metal drilling you’ll find on the market. Their stability and durability give users the spot-on precision they need time after time.

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