The first episode of Evolution Power Tools TV (EPTV) is now live on our YouTube channel. Learn how to be a maker, woodworker, DIY and self build expert. Get inspired with Evolution Power Tools TV. Find out how to build a coffee table, discover van life and meet The Carpenter's Daughter in Episode 1. Hosted by Joe Whittaker of Average Joe's Joinery.

There's more great break-out content as well where you can watch extended content from each maker in episode 1 including Will Head's detailed guide to building a coffee table.

⭐ WH Creations (Will Head) 4-part guide to building a coffee table-

⭐ Campervans en le Frith (Adam Lincoln) a day in the life video -

⭐ Vikkie Lee (The Carpenter's Daughter) full interview -

⭐ Evolution Power Tools Track Saw - full video guide

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