Evolution R300DCT+ 300mm Electric Disc Cutter with Water Dust Suppression

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""This is wicked! I’ve used 4 brands of petrol saws, 3 brands of battery saws, and a couple of grinders. This puts every single one of them to shame.""

Izzy the Bricky, Bricklayer & Content Creator

Evolution R300DCT+ 300mm Electric Disc Cutter with Water Dust Suppression - Evolution Power Tools UK
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About this item

Born to conquer the professional job site, the all-new R300DCT+ Electric Disc Cutter is the perfect masonry saw for the pro’s when effective dust control is a must. It has an impressive cut depth of 115mm making this one of the deepest cutting 300mm machines on the market. Built-in dust suppression is provided by a dual-sided water delivery system featuring armoured external hosing and tough corrosion-resistant brass connections. Designed to comply with dust management regulations our water suppression system also helps reduce heat and friction for improved blade life.

This saw comes armed with a 300mm premium diamond blade packed with 35% more diamond* and features a multi-compound cutting edge designed to cut faster, cleaner & for longer. The high torque 2,400w** electric motor delivers consistent peak power and stops the machine from slowing down under heavy load. It starts first time, every time and does not emit any harmful fumes making this suitable for use in enclosed spaces. Plus, you don't need to worry about expensive fuel or servicing allowing you to focus on the job. The wheeled skid plate takes the strain out of long, ground-level cutting and also allows you to put the saw down while the blade is still spinning. This saw utilises our Power Protect Technology which protects internal parts from dust & water ingress making it fit for use in the most demanding environments and comes backed by a 3-year guarantee.

If you want to spend £600 plus on a different disc cutter then that’s your business. If you want the best performing, water suppressed Electric Disc Cutter on the market – then that’s our business. 

* Compared to the General purpose Diamond Blade.

** 2,400w (240V) / 2,000w 9110v). The 110v version of this tool comes with a 3-pin, round 32amp socket fitted and requires connection to a 5kva rated transformer

R300DCT+ User Manual

HSE Dust Control Information Sheet

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  • Huge Cut Capacity. Up to 115mm /4-1/2 inch deep! That’s more capacity than most leading petrol-powered saws.
  • Water Fed Dust Suppression. Dual sided spray, high flow connection. Approved for site use in accordance with dust management regulations.
  • Premium Diamond Blade. Cuts faster and lasts longer.
  • High Torque Motor. Delivers consistent peak power and prevents the machine from stalling under heavy-load.
  • Electronic brake Advanced electronic brake control improves safety.
  • RCD Protected cable Residual Current Device fitted to cable for added safety when wet cutting.
  • Low Maintenance vs petrol-powered saws. No pull chords, no petrol and no servicing, saves you time and money.
  • Steel Front Handle. With rubber over-mould gives the user total control and lives up to the toughest jobs. Full wrap-around design makes it easy to make a cut at any angle.
  • Large Blade Coverage & Built-in Dust Port. For easy vacuum attachment, and protects the user from flying debris and optimises dust suppression and collection.
  • Ergonomic Handle & Trigger. With rubber over-mould improves tool control and reduces user fatigue.
  • Low Vibrations. Smooth yet powerful electric motor makes for easy operation and can be safely used for long periods of time. 
  • Balanced Weight. Optimised weight distribution puts the centre of gravity squarely between the handles. Great for prolonged use.
  • Adjustable Blade Guard. Single handed operation..
  • Wheeled Skid Plate. Effortless straight cuts at ground level and keeps blade off the ground when tool not in use.
  • On-board Tool Storage. One multi-tool for all machine adjustments with dedicated on-board storage.
Power 2,400 / 2,000 Watts (230v / 110v)
Plug 230 v UK mains plugs, 110V 32amp 3 pin round
Transformer (110v) 3-pin 32amp socket, 5kVa
Rated Speed 4,600 RPM
Max. Duty Cycle 20 Mins
Weight 9.7kg
Cable 4m /13 ft Rubber Cable
Cutting Capacity at 90˚ 115mm /4-1/2 in.
Blade Supplied Premium Diamond Blade (PD300SEG-CS2)
Blade Diameter 300mm /12 in.
Blade Bore / Arbor 20 and 22.2mm reversible
Sound Pressure Max. LPA 98.0dB(A) K=3dB(A)
Sound Power Level Max. LWA 109.0dB(A) K=3dB(A)
Handle Vibration Max. Level 6.15m/s2 K=1.5m/s2

Items Supplied
PD300SEG-CS2 Blade x1
Multi-Tool  x1
R300DCT+(Disc Cutter) x1
Wheeled Undercarriage x1
Rubber Cap (Extraction Port) x1
Instruction Manual x1
Hose Connector (R300DCT+ only) x1

Compatible With:
All Evolution 300mm Disc Cutter blades
Evolution Soft Shell Carry Tool Bag (012-0250)
Evolution 16L /3.5 gal. Pressurised Water Bottle with Hand Pump (012-0010)
Evolution 16L /3.5 gal. Pressurised Water Bottle with Foot Pump (012-0011)

NB: Evolution Electric Disc Cutters are not intended to be used with 3rd party abrasive discs. These tools have not been certified for these blade types and their use could potentially result in accident or injury.

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Evolution R300DCT+ 300mm Electric Disc Cutter with Water Dust Suppression - Evolution Power Tools UK

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Evolution R300DCT+ 300mm Electric Disc Cutter with Water Dust Suppression - Evolution Power Tools UK

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