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Evolution R300DCT 300mm 12" Electric Disc Cutter, Concrete Saw, (Refurbished - Like New)

Refurbished by Evolution Power Tools. All B-stock and C-stock items come with a 90 day warranty. B-Grade Stock: Lightly used, good condition. Fully inspected, in good working order. Complete with listed accessories (used) and relevant documentation. Packaging may be marked.

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B-Grade Stock: Lightly used, excellent condition. Fully inspected, in good working order. Complete with listed accessories (used) and relevant documentation. Packaging may be marked.

The R300DCT is the perfect Disc Cutter, built for cutting, bricks, blocks, paving, reinforced concrete and more. The R300DCT has an improved cut capacity of 115mm vs the previous 305mm model, making this one of the deepest cutting 300mm machines on the market!

With a 2400w *high-torque electric motor delivering consistent peak power, the R300DCT powers through the toughest masonry cutting tasks indoors and outdoors. With no fuel, no fumes or exhaust gases to worry about you can use the R300DCT anywhere. With no engine to service, the R300DCT Electric Disc Cutter is the King of cost-effective concrete saws.

Built for making long, low cuts in slab and easy vertical cuts in brickwork the R300DCT features a wheeled skid plate to take the strain off making accurate cuts, it even lets you put the tool down with the blade still spinning. Our new 300mm Electric Disc Cutter also showcases our Power Protect Technology, shielding internal parts from dust & water ingress for longer tool life and of course, it comes backed by our 3-year guarantee.

R300DCT User Manual

  • Huge Cut Capacity. The all-new Evolution 300mm /12-inch concrete cutting saw can cut up to 115mm /4-1/2 inch deep! That’s more capacity than most leading petrol-powered saws.
  • High Torque Motor. Delivers consistent peak power and prevents the machine from stalling under heavy-load.
  • Electronic brake Safety counts and that’s why all our new DCT Electric Disc Cutters feature an advanced electronic brake control for the disc
  • Low Maintenance vs petrol-powered saws. No pull chords, no petrol and no servicing, saves you time and money.
  • Steel Front Handle. With rubber over-mould gives the user total control and lives up to the toughest jobs. The full wrap-around design makes it easy to make a cut at any angle.
  • Large Blade Coverage & Built-in Dust Port. With rubber cap for easy vacuum attachment, and protects the user from flying debris and optimises dust suppression and collection.
  • Ergonomic Handle & Trigger. With rubber over-mould improves tool control and reduces user fatigue.
  • Low Vibrations. The smooth yet powerful electric motor makes for easy operation and can be safely used for long periods of time. Plus there are no harmful fumes emitted making it safer to use.
  • Balanced Weight. Optimised balance and even weight distribution puts the centre of gravity squarely between the handles for effortless use of the machine. Great for prolonged use.
  • Adjustable Blade Guard. With single-handed operation allows for quick adjustments while holding the tool and keeping your hand away from the blade.
  • Wheeled Skid Plate. Makes straight cuts at ground level effortless, and the metal skid plate protects the tool and lifts the blade off the ground so it can be put down with the blade spinning.
  • On-board Tool Storage. One multi-tool for all machine adjustments with dedicated onboard storage.

All Evolution DCT models come equipped with our new Power Protect Technology to conquer the most demanding jobs and cut for years to come.
Double insulated motor coil protects the motor from dust ingress and vastly improves motor life. Features a robust powder coating for complete protection.
Unique aerodynamic fan system increases airflow through the motor for better cooling during heavy-duty use and expels dust.
Specially designed air vents prevent water and other debris from entering the motor housing to make it safe for use in all conditions.
Built-in drainage holes allow any water to escape from inside the machine body and prevents damage to internal parts.
Power 2,400 / 1,600 watt (230v / 110v 
Plug 230 v UK mains plugs, 110V 32amp 3 pin round
Transformer (110v) 3-pin 32amp socket, 3.3kVa
Rated Speed 5,090 / 4,040rpm  (230v /110v)
Max. Duty Cycle 20 Mins
Weight 9.7kg
Cable 3m /9 ft 10 in. Rubber Cable
Cutting Capacity at 90˚ 115mm /4-1/2 in.
Blade Supplied General Purpose Diamond Blade (D300SEG-CS2)
Blade Diameter 300mm /12 in.
Blade Bore / Arbor 20 & 22.2mm (Reversible flange)
Sound Pressure Max. LPA 98.0dB(A) K=3dB(A)
Sound Power Level Max. LWA 109.0dB(A) K=3dB(A)
Handle Vibration Max. Level 6.15m/s2 K=1.5m/s2

Items Supplied
R300DCT Disc Cutter x1
Blade x1
Multi-Tool (Adjustments) x1
Wheeled Undercarriage x1
Rubber Cap (Extraction Port) x1
Instruction Manual x1
Hose Connector (R300DCT+ only) x0

Compatible With:
Evolution 300mm /12 in, Segmented Edge, 22.2mm Bore, Concrete, Stone, Brick Cutting Diamond Blade (D300SEG-CS2)
Evolution 300m /12 in, Segmented Edge with High Diamond Concentration, 22.2mm Bore, Premium Diamond Blade (PD300SEG-CS2)
Evolution 300mm /12 in, Segmented Edge, 22.2mm Bore, Multi-Purpose, Metal Cutting Diamond Blade (MD300SEG-CS)
Evolution Soft Shell Carry Tool Bag (012-0250)

NB: Evolution Electric Disc Cutters are not intended to be used with 3rd party abrasive discs. These tools have not been certified for these blade types and their use could potentially result in accident or injury.
Optional Disc Cutter Blades
Materials General Purpose
Diamond Blades
Diamond Blades
Diamond Blades
Cured Concrete ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪
Reinforced Concrete ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪
Standard Brick ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪
Engineering Brick ✪✪ ✪✪✪
Roof Tile ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪
Soft Natural Stone (Limestone, Sandstone etc.) ✪✪ ✪✪✪
Hard Natural Stone (Quartz, Granite etc.) ✪✪✪ X
Iron X X ✪✪✪
Ductile Iron X X ✪✪✪
Steel & Stainless Steel X X ✪✪✪
Aluminium X X ✪✪
Wood X X ✪✪
Plastic X X ✪✪✪
Fibre-Reinforced plastic X X ✪✪
Abrasive Material ✪✪ ✪✪ ✪✪
Hard Tile, Porcelain X X
Ceramic Tiles X X


X - Not Suitable - Limited Life ✪✪ - Good ✪✪✪ - Optimum
Refurbished Stock

All Refurbished B-stock and C-stock tools come with a 90-day guarantee.

Save money on your next power tool by buying Refurbished by Evolution. Every refurbished tool from Evolution has been electronically and mechanically inspected, and serviced to ensure it's in optimum operating condition prior to being graded and placed on sale.

B-Grade Stock: Like new, unused or lightly used. Fully inspected, in good working order. Complete with listed accessories (unused/used) and relevant documentation. Packaging may be marked.

C-Grade Stock: Used and in fair condition. Fully inspected, in good working order. It may not have all accessories or original packaging and documentation.


What is Refurbished Stock?

Refurbished stock includes any product returned to us by a customer for any reason. Returned items where the box has not been opened and the tape seal remains unbroken are put back into stock. Returned items that have been used are inspected, serviced if required, and then graded as either B-Grade or C-Grade stock.

What qualifies as B-Grade stock?

B-Grade stock includes all original packaging, instructions, and accessories. The tools are 100% functional and visually graded on the basis that they have no obvious irreversible signs of use. We don’t mind a crease on the corner of the box, but the tools have to look unused to be good enough to make it into the B-Grade stock category.

What qualifies as C-Grade stock?

C-Grade stock is comprised of tools that have obvious cosmetic signs of use but are in perfect working condition. These range from unused tools that have cosmetic damage due to improper handling all the way up to tools repaired under warranty, fitted with new parts given a full service and made ready for a second life.

C-Grade stock items are sold without spares and accessories and may not come in original packaging. If you want an Evolution tool to use day in day out in the workshop and on the job site there’s no better bargain than C-Grade refurbished stock.

Please Note: Refurbished R185CCSX/R185CCSX+ are  sold as just the saw and blade and will usually not include the bag, or mini 3-piece track kit.  They are priced accordingly.


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