Evolution TV Episode 8 - Evolution Power Tools UK
Evolution TV Episode 8 | Building Garden Trellis | Diving Into The Aviation World | Interview With Popular DIY YouTuber
Episode eight of Evolution TV is out now and it's packed full of great features, a trip to solway aviation museum, competitions, maker interviews, build guides and a whole lot more.
How to build a garden trellis - Evolution Power Tools UK
How to Build a Garden Trellis
  Hannah Ashton shows us how to build a garden trellis. This is a great project for a beginner as it uses minimal tools and reclaimed wood. Usi...
Solway Aviation Museum - Exhibits - Evolution Power Tools UK
Solway Aviation Museum - Exhibits
Take a tour of Solway Aviation museum and find out all about the exhibits that are on display. See the results of all of the hard work of the vol...
Cordless Project - Bar Stool - Evolution Power Tools UK
Cordless Project - Bar Stool
  Evolution cordless power tools can be used for serious, professional work or fun personal projects - the choice is yours. Woodwork is a great wa...
Stuart Matthews AKA Proper DIY interview - Evolution Power Tools UK
Stuart Matthews AKA Proper DIY interview
Stuart Matthews, of the YouTube channel Proper DIY, tells us about his projects and his approach to providing straightforward and very useful in...