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Evolution cordless power tools can be used for serious, professional work or fun personal projects - the choice is yours. Woodwork is a great way to lean into your creativity, as well as expand skills that are useful in real-life situations.

Beginner projects can help you learn new techniques, build on the skills you already have and introduce you to new ways of working and tools you’re not familiar with. So the next time you need to pick something up and get to work, you’re far better prepared than you were before.

In this video, Joe shows us how to build a bar stool, just using Evolution cordless tools. This simple, straightforward project can be made using reclaimed wood or timber bought from a garden centre and so it is ideal for a beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cordless power tool batteries interchangeable?

Evolution EXT cordless power tools all share the same impressive Li-Ion batteries, so you can switch them between tools for ultimate flexibility. This comes in handy if your battery dies, but you have multiple EXT tools in your collection, making it easy to remove and replace the battery between machines. Because they have such a great battery life, you could always place another battery on charge while you’re working and have it ready to go if your current battery runs out.

What’s the difference between a mitre saw, a jigsaw and a circular saw?

A mitre saw is a stationary tool designed to make accurate cuts at different angles, with the blade being pulled down onto the material. A jigsaw, on the other hand, is a freehand saw with a long, thin blade that’s built to cut through materials (like wood) in intricate ways depending on the movements of the user. They’re usually used to cut around awkwardly-placed items or make unusual shapes. Similar to a mitre saw, a circular saw uses a large round blade to cut through materials, the major difference being a circular saw moves forward through the wood.

Do you need a wood blade to cut wood?

You don’t need a wood blade to cut wood, but it’s always a wise move to use blades that are most suited to the material you’re cutting. This is because these blades have been tailor-made to offer the best results in these situations, as well as to protect the material you’re cutting from splintering or cracking. For example, wood blades often have fewer teeth than blades designed to cut other materials, and are generally coarser. This helps the blade glide through wood with ease. If you’re wondering which blade you need to use in your project, speak to an Evolution expert today.

Are cordless power tools as reliable as corded tools?

You won’t get a continuous supply of power with cordless tools. But beyond replacing the batteries when they eventually die, cordless power tools are just as reliable as corded ones. The powerful, long-lasting batteries provide plenty of force and time to handle even the most difficult work, without the hassle of having cords dangling at your feet. You also get a lot more freedom with cordless tools and can move them around as you see fit, compared to corded tools which are literally tethered to the wall or the nearest power source.

At Evolution, we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing power tools that are safe for the user and the working environment around them. When using Evolution tools, make sure you follow all health & safety guidelines. For more info, you can contact our expert support team based in Sheffield.

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