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Evolution 185mm Thin Steel Mitre Saw Blade 68T

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Evolution 185mm 68 tooth TCT Circular Saw Blade cuts faster than a band saw, and with less heat & mess than abrasive discs. It's designed to deliver maximum cutting performance and precision to metalworkers and fabricators.  With higher tooth counts, a narrow 2.4mm Kerf and our exclusive flat topped ATB tooth profile these Thin Steel blades are designed for effortless cuts through sheet metal, folded metal and cladding without ever grabbing the workpiece or zipping the surface. 

Evolution saw blades are designed to deliver maximum performance by using the highest grade Japanese tungsten carbide Teeth, heat treated, hardened blade bodies & ultra high-grade brazing techniques. All offer faster, cleaner cuts than abrasive discs and bandsaws, with less mess, heat and virtually no sparks, making them the obvious choice for when time is money.

Dia. Ø: 185mm
Max. Speed: 3900rpm
Bore Ø: 25.4mm
Kerf: 2.4mm
Teeth: 68
Compatible With
R185SMS - 185mm Mitre Saw
R185SMS+ - 185mm Mitre Saw
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Your Reviews


What are the different types of saw blades?

Saw blades differ depending on the job and type of saw you’re using.  Browse our saw blades for a variety of tools and uses, including chop saw blades, circular saw blades, jigsaw blades, mitre saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, table saw blades and more. If you’re struggling to figure out which saw blade is right for your current job, get in touch - one of our power tool experts will be happy to help.

What is a diamond saw blade?

Diamond saw blades are made with a segmented cutting edge that is impregnated with industrial diamond grit. These blades are suitable for cutting all types of masonry including bricks, blocks, concrete and reinforced slab as well as decorative stonework. Evolution offer a range of Premium Diamond Blades that have a 30% higher diamond density in the cutting edge making them the perfect choice for cutting harder materials. Evolution's Electric Disc Cutter also offer water dust suppression in the R300DCT+ model, this further enhances blade life and increases cutting speed by lubricating the blade during cutting and minimising dust production.

What size saw blades are available?

Evolution saw blades come in sizes ranging from 165mm for our compact circular saws to 355mm for our largest heavy Duty Chop Saws. When considering purchasing a saw blade you need to ensure that the blade size, arbor size and max speed are suitable for the machine you want to use them on. Our Multi-material and
material specific metal and wood cutting blades are available in 165-355mm, our
Diamond Disc Cutter blades are available in 230mm, 255mm and 300mm.

How many teeth should my saw blades have?

The number of teeth on a saw blade depends on several factors, including the type of blade, the diameter of the blade, the material the blade is designed to cut through, and the speed of the tool. Larger blades have increased tooth count per surface inch as the rotating speed is generally higher. Our Multi-material blades are design with a specific tooth count per inch that is optimized as part of the overall blade design to provide the best mix of fast, easy, clean cutting through the widest selection of materials. If you require specific info on any of our blades, tools or what the best tool for a specific cutting task would be for you please contact our
customer service dept.

How do I care for my saw blade?

To maximise the life of your blade clean it regularly to remove any build up on the surface of the blade body and teeth. We recommend a quick wipe with a rag soaked in automotive brake cleaner or WD40 to keep your blade in tip-top cutting
condition. If you cut a lot of ‘sappy’ wood or plywood you can remove the blade and soak and scrub it with brake cleaner and a stiff bristle brush to remove heavy build up and restore cutting performance.

When cutting with your saw don’t apply excess pressure to force the workpiece through the blade, let the blade do the work and gently feed the workpiece through the blade.

What is a TCT saw blade?

TCT stands for Tungsten Carbide Tipped and it refers to saw blades that use Tungsten Carbide for the blade teeth. Tungsten Carbide is an incredibly tough material, able to be sharpened to a razors edge and durable enough to cut through new and reclaimed wood as well and mild steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics and composites when a suitably high grade of carbide is chosen. All Evolution TCT blades use Japanese sourced carbide teeth of the very highest quality that lasts longer and cuts sharper than lower quality grades.

Why do Evolution blades have a low tooth count?

Because they cut better that way. The tooth count on all Evolution blades is optimised for the rotation speed of the saw the blade is designed for. Our saws are equipped with higher-torque, reduced RPM motors that give you a better cut when used with our blades. It is the combination of blade design, TCT technology and higher-torque motors that enables Evolution multi-material saws and blades to cut new and reclaimed wood, mild steel, non-ferrous metals as well as plastics and composites with just one blade.

Why do you make wood blades if Evolution Multi-Material blades are so good?

Multi-material blades are designed to be equally good at cutting a huge range of materials, if you need to cut wood, metal and plastics they are the perfect choice. If you just cut wood, then you want a blade that is optimized for that task. Our wood blades feature a modified ATB tooth profile, rake & draft angles that are optimized for cutting all wood types and give a faster, cleaner cut with reduced tear out.

Why do you make metal specific blades if Evolution Multi-Material blades are so good?

Multi-material blades are designed to be equally good at cutting a huge range of materials, if you need to cut wood, mild steel and non-ferrous metals as well as plastics they are the perfect choice. If you just cut metal, then you want a blade that is optimized for that task. Our metal blades each feature a modified Triple Chip tooth profile, tooth count, and rake and draft angles that are optimized for cutting Mild-steel, Aluminium, thin metal sheet or 302, 303 and 304 grades of Stainless Steel.

What is the best saw blade for cutting plywood

The best Evolution saw blades for cutting plywood are the Fine Wood blades. They have a combination of higher tooth count and revised tooth profiles and angles designed to give a cleaner cut with less tear out when cutting plywood and other laminated wood products.

What saw blade is the best for cutting laminate flooring?

The best Evolution saw blades for cutting Laminate flooring are either the Fine Wood blades or the Thin Steel blades. The Fine Wood blade will be best for wood based laminate flooring types. Vinyl Laminate flooring boards often include a high wear protective coating on the top surface, made with aluminium oxide, which is incredibly hard wearing, for these types of flooring we recommend the Thin Steel blade which has a higher tooth count and therefore minimizes the abrasive wear caused by the protective wear layer.

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