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Evolution cordless power tools are the perfect choice for both DIY jobs and bigger, professional contracts. Whether you’re planning some small home projects or larger, more intricate jobs, Evolution cordless power tools offer the reliability and consistency you need to keep a steady pace without fail.

With plenty of power to get the job done, without the restriction and awkwardness of plugs and cables, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to drill and cut to your heart's content. Wherever you are in your cordless power tools journey, Evolution has tools that’ll help you finish your projects with precision and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cordless power tools are good for beginners?


If you’re just starting out using cordless power tools (or power tools in general) you don’t want to begin with something too intimidating, or something that needs a lot of experience to handle safely. That’s why the Evolution Cordless Combi Drill Driver is the perfect choice. A compact powerhouse, the Evolution Cordless Combi Drill Driver can deliver 45nM of torque, making easy work of even the most rugged drilling jobs. Plus, you also get Evolution’s R18BAT-Li2 2Ah battery pack and R18RCH-Li Single Port Rapid Charger, which charges the drill to 100% in only 30 minutes - an ideal choice if you need to produce stunning work fast.

Are cordless power tools better than corded ones?

It depends on what you’re looking for. You don’t need to replace any batteries in corded power tools, but the versatility and speed on offer in cordless tools are tough to beat. You won’t need to wrangle with pesky cables if you need to move positions during work and there’s no risk of cutting through any cables by accident, which is something you may have dealt with in the past. 

Cordless power tools are also far safer than their corded counterparts, as they eliminate the risk of tripping over cords, creating a much safer work environment. If you value freedom and peace of mind, cordless power tools are the way to go.


Are the batteries on cordless power tools reliable?

Definitely. Evolution cordless power tools that are powered using Evolution’s Li-Ion batteries offer superb performance over cordless batteries from just a few short years ago. All the batteries in our range are fast charging, meaning you won’t need to wait anywhere near as long to get on with your work as you may have needed to with older, less efficient batteries.

These batteries also come packed with over-current protection and thermal protection, so your cordless power tools won’t overheat or use more energy than they’re supposed to. Plus, because our Li-Ion batteries work across the Evolution range, they’re interchangeable between tools, so you’ll never be stuck.

Are cordless power tools still powerful?

Absolutely. Evolution cordless power tools offer plenty of juice to tackle whatever jobs you have lined up, despite not being plugged in. Our Li-Ion batteries offer a powerful, 40A high discharge capacity, so you can make your way through multiple pieces with the same force you’d expect from a corded power tool, just without the cords. 

If you’d like to find out more about the power behind our cordless power tools, feel free to get in touch with Evolution. Our power tools experts would be happy to answer any questions you may have, so we can find the right cordless power tool from our range to suit your needs.

At Evolution, we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing power tools that are safe for the user and the working environment around them. When using Evolution tools, make sure you follow all health & safety guidelines. For more info, you can contact our expert support team based in Sheffield.

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