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Cordless power tools can be used on a wide array of projects, for DIY amateurs and pros alike. But some projects fall in between these categories - personal projects that feel like they need the professional touch, like cutting your own laminate flooring.

Using an Evolution cordless mitre saw, you’ll be able to cut and shape your laminate flooring pieces to the exact size and scale of your floor, whatever the shape of the room you’re dealing with. With a little time, effort and know-how, you could save yourself a fortune by cutting and fitting your own flooring with Evolution cordless power tools.

In this full project guide, Matthew Fishburn from Cleveland Bespoke Flooring shows us how to fit laminate flooring, from surface preparation and the tools and materials needed for this project all the way through to completion.

Frequently Asked Questions


What cordless power tools are good for personal projects?

That depends on what you’re planning to work on. But there are a few select cordless power tools that cover a lot of bases if you’re doing some varied jobs. For example, a cordless drill comes in handy in plenty of situations, whilst a cordless jigsaw is perfect for when you need to cut around small, awkward angles. Or, if you’re planning on cutting through a lot of large materials regularly, you’d feel right at home with a table saw. Check out the full range of Evolution cordless power tools to find the right tools for you.

Do I need different blades for my cordless power tools?

Choosing the right blade for the job is an essential part of any project. Different cordless power tools use different blades, and you’ll need different types of blades depending on the material you’re cutting. For example, a circular saw uses a round blade, whilst a jigsaw uses a straight blade. But both of these blades come in different varieties and are designed to cut different materials, like wood blades and metal blades. At Evolution, we have some great deals on blades of all kinds. Check out our blades here.

What batteries can I use with cordless power tools?

Evolution EXT cordless power tools share our incredible Li-Ion batteries, which are super-fast charging and are interchangeable between tools in the same series. The 2AH Li-Ion battery - the smallest of the bunch - can reach 100% charge in just 30 minutes, whereas the much larger 8AH Li-Ion battery takes only 90 minutes to reach full charge. Whichever of these batteries you use, your Evolution cordless power tools will be powerful, efficient and long-lasting.

How long do cordless power tool batteries last?

As with any battery, the more you use a Li-Ion battery, the quicker you’ll wear it out. Having said that, Lithium-Ion batteries are far more efficient and last much longer than batteries from years past. As a rule of thumb, these batteries should provide over 1000 charges before they fail, giving you plenty of time to use your cordless tools on your most important projects - before you need to pick up a new one. Your batteries will also last much longer if you avoid storing them in hot conditions.



At Evolution, we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing power tools that are safe for the user and the working environment around them. When using Evolution tools, make sure you follow all health & safety guidelines. For more info, you can contact our expert support team based in Sheffield.

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