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Diego proves that turning dreams into reality is all part of what can be achieved with Evolution Power Tools, as he turbo charges the production of his green-goddess go-kart.

Having the know-how is the starting point for any project; having the right tools for the job is a must if you want to get the job done properly. But all this goes to the wayside if you don't have the passion and drive to see the job through... Well, Italian-born Diego and Evolution Power Tools certainly share the passion and drive to get the job done!

The green-goddess go-kart is the brainchild of our Facebook friend Diego, who took a fancy to building out his own go-kart dream "just for fun"! Having developed the know-how the hard way, Diego turned to Evolution Power Tools to help create this mini-mile-munching terror of the turf!

Diego not only needed tools that performed fast, accurate burr-free and ready-to-weld cuts, BUT tools that offered incredible value for money... and who else could he turn to...?

The build was going to be challenging enough without the added worries of burning out tools when making dozens and dozens of intricate cuts throughout the detailed metalworking project; so which manufacturer to choose... the choices we're limited - who can he trust to provide accurate cuts time after time? Which products could he trust not to fail after hours and hours of work? And which products and blades wouldn't break the bank? Enter Evolution Power Tools! We're so glad Diego chose our tools to help create this marvel of home engineering.

You don't need to be an expert or a seasoned tradesperson to see the level of difficulty involved in creating this modern-day homemade classic-kart - the number of angles, and intricate cuts pay real tribute to the engineering know-how of Diego.

I think we can all agree, Diego has gone above and beyond, and is testament to what can be achieved from home with a little know-how, the right tools at the right price, and the perseverance to see the project through. Well done Diego, and congratulations, the green-goddess looks like a lot of fun, and the build quality is simply amazing.

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