Evolution S355MCS 355mm Mitre Chop Saw Heavy Duty Metal Cutting

Working with metals is a tough business, which is why it pays to have the right tools to tackle the job. 

If you work with metal in your profession, or you’ve been working with sheet metal equipment as part of a personal project, you’ll be aware of the tools involved in the metal fabrication process.

But, if you’re not in the know, here is a handy guide on metal fabrication and the tools you’ll need if you hope to make the most of your work.

What is metal fabrication?

Metal fabrication - mostly applied in sheet metal work - is the process of manipulating metals by cutting, stamping, folding, forming, rolling, bending or otherwise moulding them into specific shapes. 

Examples of metals that have undergone the fabrication process can be found countless times in everyday life - if you’ve ever opened a car door, you’re touching a metal that’s undergone fabrication to form the shape you see.

While automated metal fabrication is widespread and is used to produce an endless supply of metal shapes and parts for a wide array of industries - including areas like manufacturing, IT, medical and more -  handheld metal fabrication by human workers is still very common. 

These skilled specialists utilise a rock-steady hand, mountains of fabrication experience and, of course, the right metal fabrication tools to produce unbelievably precise, intricate pieces for industries the world over.

What cutting tools are used in metal fabrication?

Having the correct essential tool to cut with that corresponds with the material you’re cutting is imperative if you want to enjoy not just the right result, but a safe working environment free from potentially deadly accidents. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about which tools are right for your project, get in touch with an Evolution Power Tools expert today.

With this in mind, here are some of the cutting power tools you can expect to use in metal fabrication…

Circular Saw w/ Metal Cutting Blade

Evolution S185CCSL 185mm Metal Cutting Circular Saw With TCT Mild Steel Cutting Blade

A common power tool used in woodworking, circular saws offer you the freedom to cut large pieces by hand to the shapes and specifications you need. Their large, circular blades put them ahead of other tools - like jigsaws - in the speed category, allowing you to cut through large materials quickly and easily time and again.

But when paired with a metal cutting blade, circular saws become a completely different animal, gliding through sheet metals like a knife through butter, making light work of what otherwise could have been a nightmare job. 

So if you have sheet metals you need to cut but don’t want to be restricted to using stationary tools, consider the 185mm Circular Saw with TCT Mild Steel Cutting Blade from Evolution Power Tools. A capable and versatile tool on its own, this circular saw becomes even more rugged when paired with an Evolution Steel Cutting Blade that’s specially crafted to slice steel and other strong metals with virtually no heat, burr or sparks.

But you’re free to pair the saw with whatever blade you need, depending on what you’re working on - we have a range of premium blades for you to explore. Plus, with an adjustable cutting capacity of up to 64mm, you’ll be able to cut through a wide range of metals without fuss.

Metal Cutting Chop Saw

Evolution S355CPS 355mm Metal Cutting Chop Saw With TCT Blade

A combination of a freehand circular saw and a stationary saw, chop saws allow you to make cuts by placing materials below the blade and pulling the blade downward through the material. 

This makes metal cutting chop saws - like the Evolution S355CPS 355mm Metal Cutting Chop Saw With TCT Blade - ideal for cutting through metal pipe, angle iron and plate with barely any resistance.

The perfect tool for cutting metals at angles, to make welding a piece of cake, this Evolution metal cutting chop saw produces smooth, intricate results with every motion of the blade, for cuts that are ready to work with instantly. The 2200W motor offers more power than competing saws, so you can move from project to project in no time at all.

And with a durable cast alloy base, you can rest assured your saw is steady and stable enough to take on big jobs without wobbling or faltering.

Metal-Cutting Mitre Chop Saw

Evolution S355MCS 355mm Mitre Chop Saw Heavy Duty Metal Cutting

Making precise cuts at alternating angles can be a time-consuming job, especially if you have to carefully reposition both your materials and your blade every time you need a new angle. Cutting tough metals can slow down the process even further, but this doesn’t need to be a worry when you’re working with a reliable metal-cutting mitre chop saw.

A heavy-duty piece of machinery - often only used by professionals - the Evolution S355MCS 355mm Mitre Chop Saw for Heavy Duty Metal Cutting is the first heavy-duty 355mm TCT industrial chop saw that lets you make heavy-duty cuts at alternating angles without needing to reposition your materials, meaning you can plough your way through heavy metals at differing, complex angles with no problems.

The 3-position saw head and height-adjustable double front clamp let you make accurate cuts in robust metals with the utmost quality. The time and energy you’d save alone on moving your metals around, or forcing a less-powerful blade into the metal, make this pro piece of kit well worth the investment.

Beyond cutting, there are plenty of other power tools and handheld tools you can utilise during metal fabrication. Like the Evolution EVOMAG42 42mm Magnetic Drill which, despite its small size, packs a real punch and is perfect for drilling through tough metals on construction sites and in less spacious workspaces.

Grab top-quality metal cutting fabrication tools at Evolution Power Tools

At Evolution Power Tools, we’re home to one of the largest collections of professional-grade power tools to handle virtually any job. Whether you’re a power-tool veteran or a newbie just starting out, we’ll have the tools, blades and accessories to take your work or your project from the first step to the very last.

If you’d like to find out more about our tools, or need some advice from an Evolution expert, hit the ‘Support’ tab above and get in touch with us today - we’d be happy to help!

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