Why Evolution Electric Disc Cutters Outperform Other Brands

“An excellent product.”

“What a great piece of kit.”

“I wish I bought one years ago.”

These are just some of the comments left by happy Evolution customers who bought one of our electric disc cutters.

Whether it’s general DIY jobs or more in-depth projects that require cutting lots of stone, bricks and reinforced concrete, Evolution electric disc cutters are the perfect choice to give you the professional-grade results you’re looking for with impressive cut depth, fast.

But what is it about Evolution electric disc cutters that makes them so superior to other disc cutters you might have used?

Let’s take a look…

Why Evolution electric disc cutters beat the competition

1 - No need for petrol

You may be used to using petrol-powered disc cutters in your previous jobs.

If you are, you’ll be aware of the drawbacks of using petrol tools. Firstly, they spew gas during use and are terrible for the environment, making them a poor choice for the eco-conscious tradesman.

Then, of course, there’s the hideous petrol smell which makes the job ten times more unpleasant and can stick to your clothes long after the job is done. 

Add in the fact that breathing in petrol fumes during your work is undoubtedly bad for your health and they’re not a wise choice in 2023.

But Evolution electric disc cutters remove the need for petrol and annoying pull cords without sacrificing power. With a constant supply of energy from the mains and a powerful electric motor you’ll have plenty of juice to tackle big jobs.

2 - Brilliant build quality

When you’re cutting, it’s important to keep your balance so you can make accurate cuts and follow good safety practices.

Many disc cutters don’t take the stance of the user into account and can be built with overly-heavy parts that make the disc cutter not only difficult to handle, but incredibly uneven, adding to the risk of making a mistake or suffering an injury.

This can make it almost impossible to guarantee a good day’s work. But Evolution disc cutters don’t have this problem.

All our products are crafted to an impeccably high standard by power tools experts who understand the needs of the modern tradesman in 2023.

That means exceptional durability, an ergonomic design and even weight distribution which reduces user fatigue, so you can enjoy the cutting process knowing the tool you’re using was specifically designed for your ease of use.

3 - Effective dust suppression and Power Protect

Dust comes with the territory when you’re cutting concrete and similar materials. But nobody enjoys having to clean up a job site after the dust has flown all over the place. It’s a real pain when you’re trying to avoid breathing it in or keep it out of your eyes, too.

(Always wear the appropriate protection when dust becomes a health hazard).

Sure, you can simply suck all the dust up once the job is done, but it would be much easier if you had effective dust control that does something to tackle the problem mid-job, right?

That’s where water dust suppression is a godsend. Rather than the dust releasing into the air as usual, some Evolution disc cutters with water dust suppression douse the dust with water before it has the chance to make a mess. 

This can save a huge amount of clean-up time, as well as prevent dust from escaping into the air and sticking to other people’s belongings while you’re working, which is always awkward.

What’s more, Evolution’s Power Protect technology helps safeguard the internal parts of your machine from damage caused by elements like dust, as well as prolonging the life of your motor.

It uses specially designed air vents and a unique aerodynamic fan system to prevent water from entering the machine and boost proper airflow, helping to keep the machine cool.

4 - Evolution blades

Evolution disc cutters will make an incredible addition to your tool kit as standard. But paired with evolution blades, they’re a totally different animal.

For example, an Evolution diamond blade is amazingly durable and makes light work of even the most rugged of resistance.

A popular choice amongst professional contractors, our blades come in a range of sizes and styles, depending on what you need to cut, so there are plenty of options for whatever job you’re working on.

Some of our disc cutters even come with a diamond blade included. Plus, you could save a fortune by taking advantage of our 3 for 2 mix & match deal on disc cutter blades, so you’ve got enough blades for your next job and beyond.

Evolution blades are “5 stars all the way”, according to one of our delighted customers. So if you want 5-star results in your work, choose Evolution blades.

5 - 3 year guarantee

Everyone wants peace of mind when making an important purchase. Which is why all Evolution single circular blade saws and magnetic drills are covered with a 3-year warranty.

If your electric disc cutter turns out to be faulty - due to defective materials, workmanship or poor function during the first three years (at our discretion) - we’ll repair or replace your machine completely free of charge. Meaning you can spend less time worrying about paying for a new machine and get on with planning your next DIY project or professional job, while we’re taking care of all the hard work.

You can learn more about Evolution’s warranty policy here.

Grab a brand new electric disc cutter at Evolution Power Tools

If you’re on the lookout for a new electric disc cutter, look no further than Evolution Power Tools.

We have a range of electric disc cutters to make cuts at various depths, so whatever you’re searching for, we’ll have a product to suit you.

Take a look at our electric disc cutters here, or feel free to get in touch with Evolution if you need some expert advice.

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