Evolution S355CPS 355mm Metal Cutting Chop Saw With TCT Blade

If you’re looking to make quick and precise cuts in sheet metal stock and metallic objects like steel pipe, a metal-cutting chop saw with a circular blade is the tool for you. Pulling the metal chop saw blade down through your chosen object will produce stunningly consistent cuts every time and deliver the accuracy you need to make further work of your pieces if you need to. But with so many options in the power tool market, it can be difficult to decide on the right metal-cutting chop saw for the job.

So if you’re new to these types of saws or this type of work and you’re wondering which saw to add to your arsenal, here are a few things you should know.

What to look for in a good metal-cutting chop saw

Precision every time

The reason so many experienced, professional tradesmen return to the trusty chop saw every time is because of the precision and fast cutting it can deliver - rough, uneven cuts result in wasted time and potentially lost profits. A good chop saw should deliver a consistent upward and downward motion on every cut, to ensure the most accurate result possible.

Also, the blade nor the saw itself should rattle or wobble when cutting into materials - especially materials as rugged as metals - as this can throw off the alignment and create an uneven job mid-cut. A reliable metal-cutting chop saw will continue to offer a precise motion time after time and should be easy to tighten and realign if the situation calls for it.

That’s why we always recommend the Evolution S355CPS 355mm Metal Cutting Chop Saw With TCT Blade. A hugely popular product, not only do customers rave about its accurate cuts, but they also appreciate how easy the saw is to adjust with the included Allen key, should you need to. If you’re looking for fast, reliable, accurate cuts, this saw won’t steer you wrong.

Strong materials

Metal-cutting chop saws are put under a lot of strain and pressure. With the super-fast blade spinning at rapid rates to cut through highly resistant metals, it’s understandable that the saw needs to be made from durable, robust and long-lasting materials if users hope to get the most out of their cutting experience.

The Evolution S355CPS Metal Cutting Chop Saw is a fine example of craftsmanship in cutting. Because the base is made from a durable cast alloy, adding slightly extra weight to the unit, users can expect sturdy cuts with zero risk of the saw shifting under the pressure of the cut. Plus, a quick-release steel vice ensures items are held in place with an ultra-firm grip and can be removed quickly and easily for speedy work.

Pairable with quality blades

A saw is only as good as the blade it’s paired with and when it comes to cutting metals, you need to make sure your metal-cutting chop saw is equipped with the right blade for the job. Otherwise, you risk causing sparks, abrasions, blade warping and potentially deadly accidents. 

Before you pick up your chop saw, you should have specific blades in mind, based on the type of work you have to do. Using a blade that is built to cut wood on metals simply won't work and is actually quite dangerous. Whereas the right blade for the right materials will produce silky-smooth results.

For example, if you’re cutting stainless steel, the Evolution 355mm Stainless Steel Cutting 90T Chop Saw Blade is perfect to pair with the S355CPS Chop Saw that produces attractive, clean cuts in stainless steel time after time. A heated blade body and Japanese carbide teeth mean this special blade can handle even the most arduous steel-cutting tasks while remaining straight and sharp after many cuts. These specialist blades are also safer and more pleasant to use than abrasive wheel cutters that produce sparks.

If you have other power tools that need blades, you can check out our full blade collection here to find the perfect blade for whatever job you need.

Power that does the job

When cutting rugged metals, it’s essential to have a tool that’s not just sharp enough but powerful enough to sustain multiple cuts in the same session without fail. This is yet another reason you should opt for the S355CPS Metal Cutting Chop Saw - its powerful 2200W motor can make light work of lengthy, burdensome cutting jobs with ease, and without burning out. 

That’s in comparison to other chop saws on the market, that only feature 1800W motors or less, which might not produce the same level of power you need.

Do you need a metal-cutting mitre chop saw?

If you’re looking to make metal cuts at certain angles, you may wish to look beyond chop saws and begin exploring metal-cutting mitre saws, like the Evolution S355MCS 355mm Mitre Chop Saw. With this saw, you can produce multiple cuts at different angles without having to reposition your workpiece at all, saving you mounds of time and energy during cutting sessions.

Pick up your new metal-cutting chop saw at Evolution Power Tools

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