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The new high capacity, fully redesigned, flagship R255SMS-DB.
A double bevel sliding mitre saw with a 255mm (10 inch) tungsten-carbide-tipped blade, capable of cutting wood even with embedded nails, 6mm thick mild steel plate, aluminium and more.

It's the latest and biggest model in the professional range of Evolution mitre saws and has been widely anticipated by many for several years, since the first and smallest of mitre saw family, the R210CMS was launched in 2015.

More info and a comparison of the full mitre saw range can be found here.

For those who are familiar with the Evolution RAGE3-DB, (the predecessor) of the R255SMS-DB you will have probably realised what DB stands for. Which of course is Double Bevel or Dual Bevel.

Double Bevel means you can tilt the head of the saw both left and right up to 45 degrees. Resulting in faster work-piece control, increased production time and smooth, precision bevel and compound cutting at any angle.

For example, when cutting a skirting board, you're more than likely going to need to cut the same piece twice. Once from the left and once from the right. For those with a single bevel mitre saw, this means you'll have to flip your skirting board over and get the two pieces to line up with each other. Not always straight forward as it may sound. The double bevel function quickly becomes a neat and convenient feature worth having, when making several bevel cuts in a days work.

Couple that with the fact it has a 10-inch blade with a cross-cut capacity of 300mm x 80mm and a 2000W hi-torque motor, this is some serious bit of kit for an absolute steal. Currently available exclusively at Screwfix at £199.99, that's more than £100 cheaper than its predecessor, the RAGE3-DB.

Why? Because at Evolution we have reinvented mitre saws and how to package them. Unlike the RAGE3-DB, the R255SMS-DB comes packed in 3 pieces - head, sliding rails and base. Meaning the package size is now 50% smaller. Making it easier to carry, but also fit in the boot of a car.

Assembling the saw is easy and actually really fun to do. We've made a video on how to assemble the mitre saw. Plus there are several unboxing videos on Youtube.

The saw is more efficient and cost-effective to manufacture, to ship on containers, to deliver by couriers and to stock on limited shelf space. With all these factors in effect and the saw itself being more refined, precise and ergonomic - it's possible to deliver R255SMS-DB at a price-point that fits alongside the rest of the Evolution mitre saw family.

But what else is different?

More features and specifications of the model below.

Plus check out the latest videos and reviews of the R255SMS-DB here.


My name is Matt, the web guy at Evolution, I hope you found this page useful. 
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Gary Tumber

Gary Tumber

would of loved to have got this beauty rather than the R210SMS+ Sliding Mitre Saw (which is still pretty amazing) but unfortunately was just out of the budget bracket with the job im doing, keep up the amazing work, really loving these tools :-)

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Evolution R255SMS+ - 255mm Sliding Mitre Saw With TCT Multi-Material Cutting Blade - Evolution Power Tools UKEvolution R255SMS+ - 255mm Sliding Mitre Saw With TCT Multi-Material Cutting Blade - Evolution Power Tools UK
Evolution R255SMS+ 255mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw With TCT Multi-Material Cutting Blade
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Blade Size:255mm
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