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Cutting metals is a tough business. You need to know you’ve got the right tools for the job if you want to cut metals like steel and aluminium with precision and speed. 

But beyond precision and speed, you need to cut them carefully and safely.

There are plenty of steel cutting tools and methods for you to choose from. But, at Evolution, we know we have the highest quality tools any tradesman or DIY fan would love to have in their arsenal.

So if you’re looking into ways of cutting metal, or you’ve been cutting metal for a long time and are considering an upgrade, here’s why you should look no further than Evolution Power Tools.

The advantages of Evolution metal cutting saws

No heat, no burr, no sparks 

It helps when there’s no excessive heat during cutting, which can be caused by the two pieces of metal - the workpiece and the blade - connecting constantly.

Evolution metal cutting saws, like the Evolution Metal Cutting Saw with TCT Blade, provide an exceptionally smooth and accurate finish every time with very little heat, and virtually no burr.

Sparks can be a real safety issue when cutting metals as they can easily catch some other material in the workshop and turn into a fire hazard, as well as get caught in your eyes if you’re not wearing protective eyeglasses. 

But with this metal cutting saw, there will be virtually no sparks when you’re making cuts, so you can set your mind at ease if this part of the process worries you.

Lightweight or heavy duty - it’s your choice

Heavy freehand tools aren’t just tricky to use, they create a safety issue in and of themselves.

When high-powered tools with sharp blades are too heavy, the chances of suffering an accident drastically increase.  This is certainly the case with older, petrol-powered tools, many of which were saddled with oversized, overly-heavy petrol motors. So it pays to invest in lightweight tools that are far easier to manage if you can.

Handheld Evolution metal cutting tools are built to be as lightweight as possible and offer the easiest, most enjoyable metal-cutting experience.

At the other end of the spectrum, we also stock a range of fixed, heavy-duty metal-cutting tools for when jobs need a little more stability. These tools are intentionally weighted and robust, to offer you the peace of mind and safety you need to cut larger or heavier pieces easily.

Superior blades

Smooth cutting is the name of the game in metalwork and when a cut demands a super-smooth finish, there’s simply no better option than a premium blade.

At Evolution, many of our metal cutting saws come equipped with blades that’ll do an impeccable job, like our TCT Mild Steel Cutting Blade. This blade cuts through steel much faster than similar products and is made from Japanese carbide, for exceptional durability.

Then, of course, there are Evolution’s incredible diamond blades, which are just as tough as they sound. Crafted from faux diamond shards, there’s a reason these reliable blades are used by professionals worldwide for their fantastic sharpness and resistance.

Designed to withstand consistent cutting through difficult materials, like stone and steel-reinforced concrete, a diamond blade is what you want in your arsenal when it comes to difficult jobs.

Why other metal-cutting options aren’t as effective

Grinder discs cause more issues than they solve

If you’re used to cutting metal, you’ve probably used a grinder before.

It’s a popular method of cutting metal. But when compared to Evolution metal cutting saws, there are a lot of drawbacks.

Firstly, the blades. Because they’re mostly abrasive, they risk causing fine damage to the metals you’re working with. Whereas an Evolution metal cutting tool, paired with the right blade, will offer you clean and accurate cuts with no discernible pieces or shards left hanging, for a real knife-through-butter cut.

Then, there’s the fact grinder discs simply aren’t as tough as some of the other blades available, like diamond blades, which can last for up to 120 hours of use, depending on the materials being cut and the technique of the user.

They’re also prone to conducting more heat because of their abrasive texture. So if you’re not a fan of overheated workshops or sparks flying all over the place, you’d be much better suited to something like an Evolution circular saw with a sharp and reliable metal-cutting blade.

Hacksaws are rough and laborious

If the metal you’re cutting through is relatively thin, you may be tempted to get away with using a hacksaw. Which is fine, as long as you’ve got a hacksaw blade that’s up to the task.

But hacksaws aren’t built to be the most accurate cutting tools in the world. Because of the inconsistent back-and-forth motion, along with the very abrasive edges, they always produce rough cuts with a lot of spare dust and shards to collect when the job is done.

Their blades also tend to snap at the slightest hint of pressure or when you work at an awkward angle, which will set you back a lot of time and could potentially be dangerous.

That’s in comparison to something like an Evolution electric disc cutter, which can slice through tough metals with a steel cutting blade with complete ease, without the hassle of having to constantly row the blade through the metal. Rather, thanks to the power of the tool, it’s one swift forward motion and the cut is done.

Torches are hot and create messy work

Metals have melting points, where the strength of the piece will give way to extreme heat. Which is why blowtorches and fire have been used in metal manipulation for centuries now.

But burning through metal is far from the easiest way to make a cut.

For one, heat ruins the structure of the piece, resulting in melted, uneven edges where you’ve travelled with your torch. So unless you don’t need a smooth cut, or you’re planning on levelling out the damage to the metal somehow, it’s useless.

Plus, it creates an immense amount of heat which can be very unpleasant to work in and requires extremely high-grade safety equipment, like a face shield.

Pick up an Evolution steel cutting saw today

It’s safe to say metal-cutting saws are a far better option than most of the competition.

If you’re looking to upgrade your gear, or enter the world of metal cutting for the first time, check out Evolution’s collection of steel and metal cutting tools and blades.

Pretty soon, you’ll be slicing your way through your projects with no trouble at all.

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