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A mitre saw is a versatile tool. Especially when it’s capable of cutting multiple materials. It makes our range of mitre saws perfect for workshops, projects, first fix, on-site applications and DIY. 

To showcase this ability - we teamed up with YouTuber Specific Love Creations and sent the guys an R255SMS 255mm TCT multi-material cutting single bevel sliding mitre saw, so they could utilise it during their projects and builds on their channel. They loved the multi-material cutting ability and immediately put it to test during a few of their projects:

To further add versatility to their set-up, the guys at Specific Love Creations went the extra mile and built this awesome portable mitre saw station. The best part is, they used the R255SMS to make it.

A series of accurate, angled cuts were required to make sure the stand stood up to the rigorous wear and tear of daily life inside their workshop and the R255SMS looks right at home during the build. It ate up the wood cuts, and the cut list was completed in no time at all.

Once everything is cut to size, it’s all about the fabrication, making sure everything fits tight, and looks neat too. What’s the point in making something awesome, if it doesn’t look great in your workshop?

Not only does the stand’s wheels add mobility to the equation, adding foldable wings to the station allows for longer work pieces to be cut - while maintaining accuracy and stability.

When folded out, the stand becomes a portable workbench that can be wheeled inside and out to a variety of jobs, and you don’t even have to move the saw to do so. The machine itself sits securely in the set up thanks to the exact cuts and measurements.

When it’s tucked away in the workshop, minimum space is taken up – Leaving plenty of room for their other tasks and tools.

I think you’ll agree the finished product looks awesome and would look at home in any workshop. Check out the full build here.

If you don’t have the time, patience or space for something this complex, we’ve got good news for you. The Evolution Mitre Saw stand is an ideal alternative, and it will save you a lot of blood sweat (and possibly tears) too.

Not only does it fit all the mitre saws in the Evolution range (so you don’t have to worry about compatibility when you upgrade or swap models) it also folds away for easy transportation and storage when not in use.

Now, if you’re looking to expand the workpiece capability like the guys at Specific Love Creations did, then we’ve got good news for you! The telescopic arms extend to allow workpieces up to 3m in length. So, we’ve got you covered there too:

When used in combination, the R255SMS+ range and mitre saw stand make a formidable team. And right now, there’s savings to match too. When you buy the R255SMS+ and mitre saw stand you can save £45.00 on the total package (plus free shipping on all orders within the UK). What more could ask for?


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when are you going to use forward rail designs? also when is your dust collection going to be upgraded from dismal to alright? all you need is a little rubber chute to get more of the dust.

also can you introduce a cordless line using makita or duwalt batts, or even your own, as long as the batts include active cooling.

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Evolution R255SMS+ - 255mm Sliding Mitre Saw With TCT Multi-Material Cutting Blade - Evolution Power Tools UKEvolution R255SMS+ - 255mm Sliding Mitre Saw With TCT Multi-Material Cutting Blade - Evolution Power Tools UK
Evolution R255SMS+ 255mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw With TCT Multi-Material Cutting Blade
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