Introducing the S355MCS Heavy-Duty Metal-Cutting Chop Mitre Saw


Introducing the new S355MCS Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Chop Mitre Saw

The world's first 355mm Steel Cutting Mitering Chop Saw is here! All the power and precision of the legendary S355CPS Chop Saw, with the added ability to swivel the cutting head +/- 46° to make accurate Mitre cuts.

The S355MCS is the most powerful and versatile saw ever offered by Evolution Power Tools. Equipped with our “S” series motor, the S355MCS has an adjustable cutting head to provide the perfect blade approach on different size workpieces. The cutting head is angle adjustable to allow Mitre cutting up to 46° in either direction.  We’ve  included Positive Stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, & 45° as well as micro-adjust ability so you can dial in any angle you need.



While some chop saws may have a fence that can pivot, the S355MCS provides the user with the unique ability to rotate the entire cutting head of the saw – so you can keep your entire workpiece straight on the bench while you make angled cuts.

Rest assured, the precision cutting capacity and capabilities of our Steel-Cutting Chops Saws hasn't been sacrificed. In fact, we’ve layered in some new features in addition to the S355MCS’s mitering capability!

S355MCS Clamping Box
S355MCS Being Mitred

Chop Saw Safety: A Top Priority at Evolution

The S355MCS was designed to achieve the highest level of safety to provide the user with the highest level of confidence when cutting steel. To accomplish this, we have outfitted the S355MCS with a Quick-release Top Clamp with a V-block adapter, as well as Two Quick Release Acme-threaded Front clamps with V-block adapters, giving you the ability to adjust your clamping position vertically, horizontally, and forward/backward with positive stops on the vertical posts and thumb screws to set and secure.

This combination allows you to clamp your materials closer to the blade securely and have full confidence that they will remain in place even when cutting smaller lengths of material that you wouldn’t typically cut with a standard chop saw.  Secure clamping is critically important for safety and will also lead to longer blade-life and highest-quality, virtually burr-free cuts.

S355MCS Cutting
Three quick-release clamps
S355MCS Cutting
 Clamps height adjustment

All three clamps have been designed to be used individually or in combination to accommodate a wide range of work materials to provide you with the highest confidence and safest steel-cutting experience ever.

How do I know if I need the S355CPS Chop Saw or the new S355MCS Chop Mitre Saw?

It all comes down to your needs.

The 355mm S355CPS steel-cutting Chop Saw remains an outstanding value if your cutting needs are primarily 90° angles, or you typically cut shorter workpieces that you don't mind fetching up to the saw at an angle. However, if you’re looking for an enhanced cutting experience, larger cross cut capacity and the ability to cut precision mitres in any length workpiece then the S355MCS Heavy Duty Chop Mitre Saw is the obvious choice.

Below are some reasons to consider the S355MCS 355mm Steel-cutting Mitering Chop Saw:

  • If you need cutting flexibility beyond the standard 90° cuts and angles that a traditional chop saw provides, the S355MCS provides the widest range of steel-cutting options that allow you to cut up to 46 degree angles in either direction.
  • If you have limited workshop space and work with long and large work materials, the Mitering capabilities of the S355MCS make mitre cutting easy with less fussing around with your work material. The days of struggling to rotate and prop your work material are over – the S355MCS’s mitering capability does the work for you!
  • More clamping features and capabilities make this an all-rounder with unrivaled abilities over both a chop saw and any competitor product when considering the breadth of materials and cross-section capability of this machine.


Chop Saw Miter Cutting old
Traditional Chop Saws
S355MCS Miter Cut New
S355MCS Miter Cut
What can the new S355MCS do that a Traditional Miter Saw can’t do?

First, it’s important to know that traditional miter saws cutting speed operates in a range between 3,500 and 4,000 RPM, which is ideal for cutting softer materials like wood, PVC, and composite materials.

However, when cutting harder materials like steel, it’s important to slow down the cutting speed to achieve a higher level of safety and confidence when cutting. A slower cut-speed also produces a better cut-finish on your workpiece; sometimes, slower is faster!

Our 355mm Steel-cutting Saws are optimized to run at 1,550 RPM, is the ideal speed for the blade size and tooth count when cutting metal to ensure your safety and confidence while producing the highest quality finished cuts.

S355MCS Miter Cut
S355MCS Miter Cut New

The S355MCS can be used on a benchtop, or even better built into a fabrication table.

What blades can I use with the new S355MCS?
The S355MCS Heavy-Duty Metal-Cutting Chop Mitre Saw can operate with Evolution 355mm blades designed to fit our range of chop saws - just be sure to choose the correct blade for the materials you plan to cut. You can check out our full range of 355mm chop saw blades here

Pricing and Expected Arrival Date:

The S355MCS is already in stock and available to ship with free next day delivery. For more details and to buy now click here. For more information, speak to an Evolution Power Tools expert today.



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